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Let me get this straight …


He posts the above for her to see.
I hide posts like this from her view.

He puts me down at every chance.
I tell her that he loves her.

He always has better things to do.
I think there is never anything better.

He does not jump on opportunities to spend time with her.
I spend every possible waking moment with her (for the most part)

He had the opportunity to have her every other weekend + 1 day/night a week and refused it.
I made that schedule for her to be with him more, now I get all of her time.

He had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks with her and let it go.
I gave him the option to spend a vacation with her.

He had the opportunity to spend 2 + days with her and opted for 3 hours instead.
I kept these days free for her to spend with him.

He stood her up for dinner.
I have dinner with her every day.

He would not give up a day of work to spend it with her.
I have called in “sick” or taken a vacation day so we could have a mommy/daughter day.

He missed her last 3 birthdays, Christmases and all other holidays in the last 3 1/2 years (not even a phone call).
I NEVER miss a holiday or birthday, even when away for work, I will call and skype.

He consistently Lies to her.
I am honest, with the exception of the withholding of some truths to avoid “bashing him” and/or hurting her.

He Bashes me to her at every chance he gets.
I have only called him an asshole (in front of her) a couple of times, and it has been only when HE makes her cry (and then I apologize for saying bad things about her dad)

He tries to manipulate her.
I encourage her to think on her own.

He upsets her.
I comfort her.

He makes her cry.
I wipe her tears.

He breaks her heart.
I pick up the pieces and put them back together and then give her mine.

He breaks promises.
I keep promises I make.

He uses her when it is convenient for him.
She is never an inconvenience to me.

He “says” he loves her.
I say I love her AND show it.

He “puts her off”
I am always there.

He refuses to see her.
I see her every day.

We lived down the street, he never visits, never takes her.
We move across country, I am being accused of keeping her from him.

He refuses to pay Child Support.
I went back to school, then moved across the country and obtained a good career to better provide for her.

He “can’t afford” child support, birthday gifts or necessities for her, but can buy a new car, beer daily and drugs all the time.
I go without for her constantly so she can have all she needs and more, I rarely buy anything new for myself, drink 1 – 2 drinks maybe 3-4 times a year and don’t do any drug.

He gets mad when I bring her to do things.
I bring her to do things.

He tries to put a stop to our adventures. (see below)
I bring her on adventures anyway.

He refused to give permission (simply a signed letter stating that he is aware and gives permission) for her to cross the border.
I established full custody with exclusive travel rights. (Now we don’t need his permission to go shopping in the states or vacation in Disneyland)

She is worth $285 a month to him. (He told me that if I put a stop to child support payments that he would give up all his “parental rights”)
She is priceless in my eyes, no amount of money would make me give her up.

He does ONLY what HE wants.
I do things SHE likes with her.

He PRETENDS to care.
I do care and prove it.

… Something is wrong here …

He neglects his child…. And I am the deadbeat?