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Lies, Manipulation, Scare tactics … The Canadian Government.

I have made it very clear that I do NOT want the conservatives CONTROLLING my Country and here I am going to tell you some of the reasons why.


Harper’s Tax breaks are nothing but bribes. Yes, Harper is offering Tax breaks left, right and centre … but is he doing this out of the goodness of his heart? FUCK NO. He is bribing you for your vote! And some of you (approximately 30%) are stupid enough to fall for it. You all disgust me. Wake up, pay attention and educate yourself. Just because your dad voted Conservative doesn’t mean you need to.

According to the Huffington Post, Harper raised “sneaky” taxes, where the “typical” person would not notice. He is taxing parking at hospitals, he increased taxes on imported goods and increased the tax on small business. To name just a few. How about that increase in EI payroll taxes. Every year you pay more and more into the EI fund. And then you lose your job. Do you get EI benefits? Only if you jump through hoops. Fire blazing hoops. Please correct me if I am wrong but, I believe I saw some stats (I can not find these stats now) that stated that less than 50% of applicants are actually being “approved” for EI benefits. This is despicable. Making it too hard for citizens to get approved for the money WE paid into just so the government can STEAL it from us to “show” a balanced budget or a surplus or whatever lying term you want to use. Yet … our national debt continues to increase … suspicious…

Let me sum this up in laments terms for you greedy people accepting the bribe who are obviously not smart enough to understand.

Your friend gives you $5.00 as a gift. He then picks your pockets and scores $50.00. He takes this stolen money and spends it frivolously or on things that matter to him alone, not paying all his bills or debts, putting himself more in the hole by $20.00. He then decides to offer you another $5.00 gift so he can pick your pocket again and pulls out $40.00. Now your friend is up $80.00 and you are out $80.00 without even realizing it. Who wins? (dollar amounts are not to scale) This is essentially what Harper is doing. He is offering you all this “Free Money” and at the same time stealing even more right from under your nose.

Veterans.These men and women gave their lives (both literally and metaphorically) so YOU could have the freedoms that Harper is trying to take away. THEN that *insert insulting name of your choice here(I like “Vomitous Mass”* has the nerve to disrespect these veterans by insulting them and attacking them (as the Tyee puts it). What kind of monster would treat a real life hero in such an atrocious way? And you want this man to continue his reign? You are obviously heartless.

Bill C51. Protection from terrorists. Basically summed up: Everyone is a terrorist. This bill gives the government permission to detain ANYONE for ANY REASON! No proof, no reason. they just have to justify it as “I thought he was a terrorist”. Having an opinion that differs from the government is an act of terrorism under this law. I may be going to jail for a very long time, along with a lot of others I know, because I do NOT agree with this government AT ALL!!! And don’t get me started on the Fair Elections Act (Bill C-23) Harper’s way of eliminating voters that would most likely vote against him. These bills go against all of our freedoms depicted in Part 1 of The Constitution Act, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms! YOU are losing what little freedom you have left.

Silencing Scientists. hmmm… those freedoms again. Who the hell do they think they are to not allow scientists to FULLY share their findings. (and people wonder why I do not trust “science” it is not actually science that I do not trust it is the biased research and the fudged data…or in this case lack there of)

Harper claims a fight on terrorism … perhaps he should start with himself! Ban the Burqa (Don’t get me wrong, as I previously stated, I do NOT agree with the burqa being allowed anywhere a ski mask is not allowed), Bill C-51, Fight on Terrorism. These are scare tactics. Harper is preying on your fear. These things are meant to scare you into voting for Harper. Vote for me, I will protect you from the big bad (imaginary) terrorist. Let’s be realistic here. CANADIANS kill Canadians more than Terrorists kill Canadians. Morons.

The definition of a terrorist is “a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims” … according to this definition and Mr. Harpers actions … HARPER IS A FUCKING TERRORIST!!!

The real face of a terrorist.
The real face of a terrorist.

hitler harper

And then I read this. That Lying Scum accuses Justin of Supporting pot sales to children and neighbourhood brothels. What the actual fuck!! Are you kidding me … wait, nope, I believe it! He knows he is done and is trying every angle possible to manipulate, lie and scare his way back in. This man makes me literally sick to my stomach. How Stupid does he think we are …. Sadly some of you are that fucking stupid.

I would like to apologize to my “conservative” friends, but if this is what you want, a Prime Mister who Bribes and scares you into a vote, a Prime minister who disrespects you and steals from you, a prime minister who thinks so little of our freedoms that he abolishes them, then my respect for you just dissipated. I changed my mind and take back my apology, If you are willing to be so uninformed, uneducated and blind, you do not deserve an apology, I DO! My Friends list likely is about to diminish for this one and all I can say is good-bye. I see all your pro-Harper posts and I wince when I see them, your opinion is your own and I accept that, and I remain your friend, I have a bit less respect for you, but I am not so low as to “un-friend” you over a difference of opinion…even if your opinion makes you look like a complete ignorant moron. I just simply choose to accept and (mostly) ignore… but remember My opinion is My own (except that, Mine is backed up, not just a meme, and not about greed and fear) Accept it, ignore it, I don’t care. I have accepted that you do NOT do your homework. I have accepted that you are Naive. I have accepted that you have not researched at all. I have accepted that you are blinded by greed and fear. I have accepted that for some reason you CHOOSE to not see what a horrible Canada Harper is creating. I should probably tell you that It appalls me that you believe the lies and accept them as law. It disgusts me. Your ignorance makes me sick. But Now, I am simply shaking my head in disbelief that you are, in fact, so naive to his manipulation. Do you even pay attention? Are you even awake? This man gives you “tax breaks” but STEALS your tax dollars. He gives you “tax breaks” but RAISES taxes. He takes 10 fold of what he gives but YOU refuse to see it. Open your goddamn eyes. He is the only terrorist in Canada. He is a rude, ignorant, EVIL, Scumbag!!!

Guess what Canada … a Prime minister is supposed to RUN a country NOT Bully and Control it!! Wake the fuck up, do your goddamn homework and get him out. This is OUR Canada.

…Even Blue Rodeo knows Harper has to go,  Because He is Stealing all my dreams! (And it is actually a decent tune!) 😉


Opinions are different … Am I a hypocrite for these 2 opinions?

**Edited I separated these 2 stories as they were so different. **

Losing a friend over a difference of opinion


My opinion on the Burqa controversy.

Do I think Our laws, culture and way of life should be changed to accommodate outsiders? FUCK NO! Adapt or go away!

I have friends of many different colours, races, sexes, ages,religions and sexual orientation. I have friends who do not agree with my beliefs. I have friends who have different political views than I have. I have friends who dress different than I do, listen to different music and raise their children a different way . Just because they are different does not make them wrong or bad, it makes them different than me. We are still friends (with the exception of Garvan of course).

(Hell, My boyfriend, Finn, has MANY different beliefs, opinions and views then I do… I still love him. Also, I raise my daughter, Kyia, to have her own opinion, views and beliefs… I secretly hope they are the same as mine, but, for the most part, I let her establish them herself, I simply guide her and inform her and encourage her to research and form her own opinion…and yes, she already has different opinions, likes, dislikes than I … like her listening to that horrible country music… ulgh… the brat)

We ALL have different opinions. We ALL have different beliefs. We ALL have different views. We ALL make different choices. Accept it and move on, or don’t and fuck off. It is your choice.