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Audible Review



Today I will attempt a review of some sort. I have never really done a review before, (other than a couple Yelp complaint reviews) so bear with me.

I have been using this app (I guess it is an app) called Audible.

What is this Audible I speak of?

Well it is an app that allows you to purchase, download and listen to digital audiobooks. There may be more to it and more you can do with it, but the only thing I do is purchase, download and listen to digital audiobooks, So that is what I will discuss.

Audible is part of Amazon.com and Kindle and supports something called whispersync (which apparently allows you to switch between reading and listening to your book (without loosing your place) … Sounds great, but I have not tried this yet and have minimally looked into it as I tend to not use kindle much. I either use Audible or read a physical book).

How does Audible work?

Well you purchase a membership (You do not require a membership, but your membership is approx $15/mth and typically includes a free audiobook monthly (Via credits) and 30% off any purchases). You then download your book and listen away. Once the book is purchased, it is yours. you do not lose books when you cancel your membership. However, from what I understand, if you cancel your membership with unused credits, you will lose them. So Use up all your credits if you are planning to cancel.

So what do I think of Audible?

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. I really like it.

I like that I can “read” my books while driving. I use this app at least twice a day (driving to and from work) for 20 minutes to an hour each use. I can “read” during times that I could not normally read. Who knew one could “read” while driving and NOT crash! Yay!

I like that I can purchase a book any time. I do not have to find a Chapters and spend an hour (or more) walking around the store trying to find a book to buy, then waiting until I get home to settle in and read. I can do a search and click a button. TaDa, instant book reading! Anytime, Anywhere … well I may be able to read while driving, but searching for a book might not be a good idea behind the wheel, unless you are parked.

I like that I can adjust the speed. Audible has this neat little feature that allows you to speed up and slow down the reading of the book. If a reader is a speed talker you can slow that yapper down to half speed. If a reader is talking too slow, dddrrraaaagggiiinnnggg aaallllll ttthhhiiieeerrr wwwooorrrdddsss and taking excessively ….long ….boring …..pauses…… at the…. end….. of …..every….. word…. or …. sentence…., then speed that snorefest up! If I am not mistaken, the speeds can be adjusted between 0.5 times normal speed and 3 times normal speed. I have personally only needed to speed up 1 book and it was only by 1.25X.

I like that there is a guarantee. I have not used this doozy of a feature as of yet and I hope I do not have to, but apparently, if you do not like a book you can return it for a refund! I think that is lovely! I am sure there are some limitations, meaning I highly doubt you can return every book you finish reading, just because you finished reading it. I am sure they will cut you off somewhere. Don’t be a douche and ruin it for the rest of us. Return it only if it was of poor quality and/or it truly deserves to be returned.

I like that it is user friendly. For a girl who use to be so very technology inclined … well let’s just say I am no longer, technology has surpassed my interest. I am reminding myself of my Grandmother who had to get me to program phone numbers into the directory of her new fancy phone … phone … Now I call upon my daughter to figure out how something works. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I can’t do it, it is that I do not want to. Over the years I have learned to use thousands of new products and programs, the line has to be drawn somewhere. So, now that I lost most interest in learning the massive amounts of new technology and wasting my time trying to figure out how to manoeuvre around hidden settings, having user friendly electronics, apps and such is a big win in my books!

I like that it syncs. I can use Audible on my smartphone, my tablet, an ipad, an ipod and what ever other device I have and it syncs my spot so that I do not lose it if I choose to switch devices. Keep in mind an internet connection must be present (to download a book and/or sync …NOT to listen). So if I forget my phone at work, I can still continue my book on my tablet. I like it!

I like that I can use it off line. It will not sync while offline, but I can still use it (providing the book is already fully downloaded).

I like that Audible will play in the background. Yup that is right, you can listen to your book while updating your facebook status, sending a text or taking a picture. You cannot, however, listen to music, make a phone call or use apps that require the speaker obviously … but audible will pause automatically when a call comes in and replay when you hang up. pretty cool if you ask me.

I do NOT like no free books or category.  Unlike Kindle who has tons of free books, Audible has minimal, only 1 that I have found (Treasure Island). Ample Short stories and samples but very few full books for free… Update, I went on a hunt and I have found 1 more (Free: Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business: How to Launch and Grow a Business from Concept to Cash) OY! … Even if they do happen to have lots of free books, they are not easily found. I can’t seem to locate them. There is no Free book category which is very irritating, I like to read, I will purchase books, but a free one every now and then is always nice.

I do not like that they remove your credits if you cancel. You have had your membership for 6 months, gathered up 6 credits, used 1 and therefore you have 5 left. You decide you don’t use audible enough to warrant keeping your monthly membership at this time. You cancel, thinking, no biggie, I have 5 credits, I will use up those credits later and … uh NOPE! use them up BEFORE you cancel or lose them forever. You do NOT get them back if you rejoin either!

So to sum up: I have paid for a membership (Platinum membership – Annual: which means rather than get credits monthly, I paid for the year and get all my credits at once) and although I have listened to only 4 books so far, I feel it is worth it. I really enjoy the freedom of being able to “read” anytime!