I am going to be posting a lot about people (eventually) and will be changing their names  so here is the Name index … more for my benefit than yours … It is so I can remember what name I use for who. Haha.

Note that I am also adding names for future use. 😉

Note that I may also add little (or long) descriptions of the peeps along the way. Or link to their story … which will eventually happen

Acrimonious Dragon – Me

Kyia – My Daughter.

Sean – My daughter’s Biological Father. Deadbeat.

Elly – Sean’s Girlfriend. nice, but not very bright.

Bree – My Sister (3 Years younger than me).

Gracie  – My Sister (4 Years younger than me)

Lana – My Sister (8 Years younger than me)

Riley – My Baby Sister (10 Years younger than me)

Finn – My Boyfriend.

Declan – My Best Male friend.

Viona – My female Best friend

Pierce – My dad

Eamon – Sean’s Father

Orla – Eamon’s ex wife

Conner – Sean’s Older Brother (the middle one)


Nanny – My Maternal Grandmother (My rock)

Mother – My Mother. She is the oldest. (1 of 6 children)

Mom – My Aunt (by marriage) who is like a mother to me and I call her Mom

Killian – My Mother’s only Brother. He is the baby (6 of 6)

Keira – A dear friend a bit older than my self. But she looks younger and is an amazing woman! Keira has 3 adult children.

Teagan – Another dear friend who moved away … but then I moved to “his city” and we are together again.

Quinn – Friend of Finns. Co-worker of mine from JobKL

Cadrain – My Nephew. Oldest son of Lana


Bridget – My mother’s sister (3 of 6).

Lacey – My mother’s sister (4 of 6).

Cassidy – My mother’s sister (5 of 6).

Nora – Used to be one of my “best friends”

Corliss –  Nora’s Oldest daughter

Laur –  The father of Nora’s first child

Byrne – Nora’s Boyfriend

Gabor – Nora’s Ex-husband (Father of Nora’s 2nd Child) who also became a very good friend of mine, then not so much.






Garvan – An old friend who is no longer in my life of his own choosing.

Bird-Dogger – My “new” Manager at JobCCC, Who I very much dislike. (Reports to DM)

Brown-Noser – My “new” Supervisor at JobCCC, Who I dislike some days and is ok others. (I report to him directly and he Reports (everything) to Bird-Dogger)

DM – My District Manager at JobCCC

Goodman – Previous Manager at JobCCC who got laid off and replaced by Bird-Dogger (used to be my direct “report to” and He reported to DM)

– Employee who previously had my position at JobCCC (I was hired originally as basically his assistant)


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