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First Boyfriends and the Panicked Mom.

So Kyia has her first boyfriend … How the fuck do I deal with this!!! My mind is scattered all over the place with this one. Inside I am freaking-the-fuck-out!! Outside, I am playing the cool mom whom Kyia can tell everything to … It is killing me!!So lets go over some points …

I was a teen girl once, but at 13 I had no boyfriends and little interest in the idiots I went to school with…seriously, one or 2 of them WERE cute, I suppose… BUT Assholes and Morons!! Sure I had crushes on “celebrities” like Jon Bon Jovi, Jason Bateman, Charlie Schlatter and “Bo Duke” (John Schneider) also …. ummm … well …*cough**cough* Jon Knight *cough**cough* and maybe *cough**cough* *cough**cough* Wil *cough**cough* Wheaton *cough**cough*  But, Well, Believe it or not, as the saying goes … “sweet 16 and never been kissed”. I was actually 16 when I had my first “real” boyfriend and my first kiss and lost my virginity (I say “real” because I had a boyfriend named Jimmy when I was 4 or 5 that probably lasted like a day. And I actually had a Boyfriend at 14 … but I literally said yes to this dip-shit just to get him to leave me alone. *Eyeroll* He bugged me and asked me to be his girlfriend over and over and I repeatedly told him “no” over and over until I finally said FINE! We lasted 3 days… when we went swimming and he pushed my, unable to swim, little sister into the deep end of the pool … I dumped him and threatened him that if I ever saw him again, I would beat the shit out of him … I never saw him again…I was a little “rough around the edges” and tough as nails with a temper that would scare Satan when I was younger. LOL). So back on point, I went fast, or so I think I did, now… I had my first boyfriend and first kiss, 6 months later we broke up and I got my second boyfriend and just over a month together, I lost my virginity … Terrifying! But this plays in my mind, this and KNOWING how boys think and what they think about … *shudder*  Despite still being a girl and having girly thoughts and feelings (that I hid) I grew up, kind of “tomboy-ish”. I have always been “one of the boys” I relate better with the guys… frilly, prissy, catty chicks piss me the fuck off!  Being “one of the boys” allowed the guys to speak freely around me… so yes, I KNOW how and what they think. Anyhoo…As a teen girl, if my mother told me no … well I did it out of spite. My mother said I can’t hang out with a certain person? I would do it more. My mother said I can’t go out? I jumped out my bedroom window. I know better than to pull the “Your too young for a boyfriend” crap … that will make her want it more! So ….

I play the cool mom. Kyia informed me of her crush a couple of months ago, and she told me as soon as he asked her out (about 3 weeks ago). She told me when he tried to kiss her (a few times) and how she dodged it and she told me when she did finally let him kiss her (last weekend!!)…I died inside, just sayin…She trusts me enough to tell me these things. Why? Because, despite the fucking devastating bomb that just detonated in my guts I hold it together and smile and talk to her about it…or just smile and say something nice … depending on both of our moods. She trusts that I am not going to tell the whole planet about them. She trusts that I am not going to tease and ridicule her (much). She trusts that I am going to be there for her. She KNOWS that I am her best friend … no matter how much she pretends it is the other kids… lol. She knows. She trusts. I listen. I respect.

My insides are going to cause a nuclear meltdown. I mean seriously … I suffer from Anxiety, occasional Depression (which is currently “on”), a little OCD and over-protectiveness …. and My baby girl has her first boyfriend!!! PANIC ATTACK in effect!! The emotions and thoughts are running rampant! Kissing, Sex, Heartache, STD’s, PREGNANCY!! OMG OMG OMG, Breathe!! Breathe!! A woman I used to work with has a 15 year old daughter who just had a baby … that is fucking retarded!!! When I was a teenager, A girl I knew who was 12, TWELVE, got pregnant! Jesus Christ! 12 and 15 years old, That IS a baby!! AIDS… need I say more! And for fucks sake what am I going to do when her heart is broken …although I do have LOTS of experience here since her dad has been breaking her heart for 13 fucking years ..fucking scum bag piece of shit dead beat…. but seriously … I know I “look” like I am holding it all together, but I am not. I want to tell her “NO dating until you are 16 (or 40)!” I want to scare that boy away! I want to ground her for life and move to a secluded island where there are no boys! I want to cry!!! There is so much responsibility that comes with boyfriends, love and sex. there is so much danger in it if one is not mature enough and or prepared. AND in this day and age, parents should be DRILLING information and facts on Sex, Pregnancy and STDs into their teenagers heads! Scare the shit out of the little bastards so that they will never have sex … hey! A mom can dream!! This is NOT the earlier 1900s when talking sex is Taboo … TALK TO YOUR FUCKING KIDS!!! Yes, it is awkward and uncomfortable, but I talk to Kyia about her menstrual period, boys, sex, STDs, Pregnancy, drugs and so-on. We both hate it, yes, but I want her informed. So we talk … sometimes too much … she gets so annoyed when I go on and on and on …. Hell sometimes I annoy myself! lol… So I “try” to have these talks in small doses, when a topic arises. Have we had all of “the” talks? No not yet, but she is 13 and we are starting them….also I need time to mentally prepare ME for these talks! THIS on top of the teenage “attitude… I think I am going to die!

The Boy … Kyia had him over this weekend. They hung out all day and we brought them out to Dinner. I drilled him with Questions…nothing too crazy… what do you like to do? got brothers or sisters? pets? You know, those type questions … they may get more “difficult” with each visit… muahahahaha! He SEEMS like a pretty good kid. He is Athletic, Plays (and is apparently fairly obsessed with) Basketball. He plays for the school and (I think) for a city team and he watches the NBA and he plays video game basketball. He is quiet and a little shy. He is in Band. He “used to” play World of Warcraft. He played D&D once. He lives with his dad. He seems smart. The boy has a nerdy side (BONUS!). But … His preferred music Genre is Rap… could he pick a worse (IMO) Genre… fak…Well everyone has flaws I guess. He talks more quietly than Kyia. He is too shy (and indecisive) to make a decision. They took a trip to the park for a couple hours and we had our dinner trip, but other than that, they hung out in her room most of the day…with the door WIDE open and Momma “passing by” randomly. I caught him attempting a kiss at one point and went right in the room and sat my ass down… both of them bright red … I sat there for a good 10-15 minutes just “chatting” away. I didn’t know how to react. I wanted to grab him by the scruff of the neck and throw him out the window…or through the wall! But instead, I calmly interrupted his attempt and sat down to continue the interruption. NO Kissing in my presence!! NO Kissing in my house!! I know they have kissed (now keep in mind this is 13 year old kissing… pecks on the lips) and I am not going to ground her over it, but I do NOT condone it. I do NOT approve of it. She is my Baby!!!


What I am doing … reading, researching and communicating…also breathing, a lot of calming deep breaths and crying… a lot of very emotional cries … I recently had someone (a couple someones actually)  tell me, Just tell her not to do it. She is too young, do not allow it. But realistically … She is 13. Boys are a part of her life. Teenage attitude, especially if she is anything like her mom, can be very spiteful. So it is MY opinion that in MY circumstance,  MY parenting for this is to make sure she is informed. To make sure they always have a chaperone (of sorts) even if it is a group of friends. But to do that I need to inform myself so….

I bought this baby from chapters a few days ago: Parenting a Teen Girl: A Crash Course on Conflict, Communication and Connection with Your Teenage Daughter

and this one I bought the same day from Audible – the audio format to listen to in the car: Smart but Scattered Teens: The “Executive Skills” Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential

and I think this one is next … but for the 2 of us to go over together: Being a Teen: Everything Teen Girls & Boys Should Know About Relationships, Sex, Love, Health, Identity & More

I will get through this. I will get through this. I WILL get through this.






LGBTabcdefg….gender neutral?

Warning! Beware the language!

My friend sent me a link to a video a few days ago and it made me want to do a post about how annoying (some) “LGBT….” people can be. The Video itself is hilarious! Have a click…


Don’t get me wrong, I do not have a problem with gays or lesbians or homos or what-the-fuck-ever “they” are calling themselves these days. Love is love. Sex is sex. Humans are humans. Your preference is none of my business. I truly believe that you have every right to “be with” whomever you want, man or woman (you know, so long as they are of an appropriate age and willing…you rape someone or touch a child, Straight, gay or otherwise, I hope you die the most painful death imaginable and then after death you suffer in agony in the depths of hell).

I have some very good friends who are gay. In fact my second mom is gay (my best friend of over 30 years’ mother). She is one of the strongest and most amazing women I know! She “came out” during a time when it was a lot less accepted than it is now. She does not “flaunt” her sexuality and she doesn’t care if you are gay or straight. She is an inspiration. I also spent many years thinking my best friend was “in the closet”. I told her 25 years ago that if she was gay and came out I would still be her best friend. I told her I would be there for her and by her side no matter what. She screamed at me that she was not gay, so I let it go. But in the back of my mind I thought there was still a possibility for many years. I may not think it anymore, but still have an open mind and if she did tell me she is a lesbian, I’d cheer her on! I know some assholes who happen to be gay. I have an Ex friend (are they exes if they were friends?) who is one of the biggest douche bags I know. He is a liar, abusive and a “troublemaker”. He is judgemental and makes fun of people … the ironic (is that the word I want to use here?) thing is, he is unemployed, not very attractive and I believe an alcoholic, who the fuck is he to make fun and judge? He is hateful toward most straight people.  I have some great straight friends. For some reason I feel like I do not need to put examples in here … this, is what society has done to me … but I will. Let me give you an example of the most amazing “Straight person” I know, my grandmother. Nanny was a very catholic/religious woman, but she was acceptant. She may not have “understood” gay people, but she accepted them.  She was kind but strong. She taught me to have the open mind that I have. I know some real big dick head straight people. We all know there are many straight people out there who think gay is wrong, period. If there wasn’t there wouldn’t be an issue. And we likely all know (at least) one. The ones who really piss me off are the ones who are hypocritical pigs as well. You know, the disgusting Men who demand that being gay is wrong, it is evil and you are going to burn in hell! but lesbians are ok because girl on girl is “hot”(Met a lot of pigs over the years like this one)…And the women who do the same thing. Homosexuality is a sin, it is disgusting and unnatural, but a threesome with 2 men would be so awesome though!

Humans are humans. We are ALL equal no matter who we love, what our preferences are, what colour we are, what size we are, what language we speak, what sex we are… What sex we are… that brings me to my point I think…So, what is this (vent) post about? What do I have a problem with? Well …

When you call yourself a gender that you are not… or worse gender neutral. Males have a penis and Females have a vagina. PERIOD. You can be a male who “lives as a woman” or you can be a female who “lives as a man”, but if you have a fucking dick between your legs you are a fucking male. FACT is there are two and two only genders. Humanity has 2 fucking genders – FACT. Male and female. Penis and vagina. See the picture below? If you are a person who has anatomy like the diagram on the left, You are Male. You can be homosexual, you can be what I think you call transgender which I believe means you “live as a woman”, you can be a cross dresser, you can be Bi-sexual but you are still MALE!  If your anatomy looks like the one one the right, you ARE Female. You can live as a man, sleep with women, and dress like a man but until you get an actual “sex change” operation, you are female!

Gender Neutral (regarding sexuality or gender…not the green or yellow you paint the babies room)… What the actual fuck is this?? “they have actually introduced pronouns to replace he/she, him/her and his/hers … No joke, Xe, Xem and Xyr are some of these newly invented pronouns. The only scenario in which I can fathom a person legitimately calling themselves “gender neutral” is if they are born with NO FUCKING PARTS! …or maybe if they are a hermaphrodite… I am not afraid to say that if I EVER run into a person who calls him/her self gender neutral, I will immediately assume they are the dumbest motherfucker to walk the planet, and instantly turn and walk away in an effort to avoid my IQ dropping from just being near them. Yes instantly, not another damn word. You are officially a moron. There is NO SUCH THING as gender neutral. It is simply something “easily offended” shit disturbers made up to annoy the hell out of actual intelligent people and have a way to use discrimination as a way to start a fight. For Christ sake, gender neutral. This topic makes my blood boil. I have never heard a more idiotic classification.

While we are on the topic of what I have a problem with…

When you throw your sexuality in my face. I do not give a fuck if you are gay, straight, or Bi, I don’t want to see you making out with your partner and I sure as hell don’t want to see you walking around in ass-less chaps (I threw the ass-less in there for effect … all chaps are ass-less other wise they would just be called pants! fg3jgh20160602115037  )Gay, Straight, old young, Put some damn clothes on and get a fucking room! Seriously! Have some fucking class. Being gay (or straight, or Bi) does not mean you have to walk around advertising who you sleep with! I am straight, I am proud to be straight. My vagina loves cock. I don’t walk around showcasing my love for dicks! Be who you are, but do it subtly and humbly. For Fuck sake. Now wait, before you flip, I realize some people are “flamboyant” due to their personalities, That is different. Be extravagant. Be Dazzling. Be glamorous. But do it with out exposing yourself. Have some self-respect and decency. And What in the fuck is all this sexual shit… Gay, straight, Bi, a-sexual, transsexual metasexual, pansexual, there are so many! …and Lesbian is a category all on its own?… because lesbians are not gay?… JESUS CHRIST!! There are 4!!! There are only 4 sexuality classifications; Homosexual – Your preference is someone of the same sex, Straight – Preference is someone of the opposite sex, Bi-Sexual – No preference, you are good with a boy or girl and Celibacy – You don’t want anyone. That is it! Your a guy who likes guys who look like girls? Then you are gay. get it? good.

When you determine that “all” straight people are the problem. (no really, I have personally been snubbed by some loser gay guy because I was straight … no joke! His words “oh, your straight” and walked away all snooty. My friend I was with told me this guy has it out for all straight people. I laughed my ass off. As if I would associate myself with the likes of that anyway! Not because he is gay, but because he is a self absorbed douche bucket!) Fuck you dickhead… YOU are the problem … If you ever say “All” of any class of people are a problem or whatever, I hope you trip, smash you head on the pavement and live your remaining days with amnesia, forgetting what a world class scuz-bag you are. All of any category is never the problem (except spiders… all spiders suck!) There are some sexist men, there are some sexist women, there are bad people who are gay, there are bad people who are straight, there are stupid white people, there are stupid black people, there are evil Muslims and evil Christians. There are also good people of every kind. There are good Muslims, my landlord is one. There are good Christians, My Grandmother was one. There are good Gay people, My friend Paul is one. There are good straight people, I am one! For the love of all that is holy, stop blaming everyone else and look in the mirror.

When you ask for “equality” but actually want more. Your not fucking special. You are human, I am human. Do I think Gays should be able to marry? Hell Yes! Do I think that you should be treated the exact same as me? Hell yes! Do I think you should celebrate who you are? Hell Yes! Do I think you should have the same rights as me? Hell Yes! Do I think you should have to hide your partner? Fuck No! Do I think you should get special treatment? Fuck no! Do I think people should “walk on eggshells” and be very careful how they address you? O My God Moron, are you not paying attention? Take your self-righteous ass and go jump off a bridge. EQUALITY is just that. Being equal, being treated as equal and treating others as equal. Equality does not mean you get special fucking treatment.

So in summary, there are 2 sexes. TWO. Male and Female. Gender Neutral does not exist (unless you were unfortunate enough to be born with no male or female genitalia). If you are easily offended… your problem, not mine (and you likely should not be reading my blog). There are 4 sexuality classifications, Homosexual, Straight, Bi-Sexual and Celibacy. If you are a male who lives as a woman, I will contently go along with it and call you “she” but, I will NEVER call you xe and know that if asked (such as “hey is that a dude or a chick”), I will always say you are a MALE who lives as a woman and prefers to be called a she. Equal means we are EQUAL. Your being offended by all straight people is your problem.


Live how you want. Dress how you want. Fuck who you want. Be who you want.

You are the problem

Saw this one that a few of my friends posted on their facebook page (or a similar message) recently and it got me quite riled up.

if you don't, I won't

FIRST of all, if this is how “you” feel, and/or if “you” need to say this, and/or if “you’ do this or act like this… then the reason “we” don’t talk anymore,  is “YOU”. You are simply a foolish egotistical jackass who does not deserve “my” friendship. (I am using you, we and I/my/me generically)

Second, all this is saying is the person posting it is a whinny ignorant spoiled brat stating “if you don’t have to, then neither do I”, like a damn 3 year old. Seriously say the following out loud with that nasty, snotty childish tone in your voice “fine then, I am not your friend anymore“. Did you say it out loud? You sounded like a fucking idiot, just like that “meme”/”quote” sounds when you post it, as that is essentially what you are saying.

Third, just because he is an asshole doesn’t mean you need to be one, just because she is a snob doesn’t mean you need to be one, just because they hate doesn’t mean you should. Just because one person is not personable doesn’t mean you should be too. Some people are not a “people person” Some people are not social. Some people are hermits. Some people have social anxiety. Some people are extreme introverts. Some people NEED other people to contact them as they just “can’t” for one reason or another.

My 12 year old daughter’s father says something like this to her. Something along the lines of “Well, you never call me either.” REALLY!!! You are her father, the parent, you childish sack of shit (the deadbeat has been saying this since she was 3)!! I better not get started on the deadbeat, he is a whole other story and a lot of venting and ranting.

I, over the years, have gone from an extrovert to an extreme introvert with high social anxiety. I do NOT contact anyone as I “should”, according to social standards. But I am not a complete shut-in and if you call, I will (sometimes) talk (especially if it is urgent), if you invite me, I will often go, If you text, I will answer. People drain me and wear me down. Interactions often cause me panic and anxiety attacks. Some people (Myself included) need to mentally prepare themselves for even the smallest of interactions. A simple phone call can put me into complete shut-down mode. A minor change in plans can ruin a whole day. A surprise visit could shut me in for days to recover. (I say can and could, as it may not always happen, but it has and likely will again).

So think about this, the next time you are acting like a selfish, spoiled child … Perhaps the person is not contacting you because they have an illness and they just cannot, perhaps they need you and you are too wrapped up in your own self-entitlement to inquire and care, perhaps they are having panic attacks right now, wondering why you won’t call, perhaps there is anxiety rising at this moment as the person is worrying about what they did wrong to make you not care … or perhaps the person is not contacting you because they realized you are a self-centred, narcissistic cunt.

IF you care about a person, YOU will contact them, whether they call you or not, whether they return your calls or not, whether you “hang out” or not … unless your both filled with social anxiety and have trouble socializing, in which case, it will happen as it happens and NEITHER of you will stop caring… But that is a whole other situation.

Do your Homework before purchasing expensive cosmetics from pushy, yet smooth talking salesmen!!


Adore Organics Innovations Kiosk, Market Mall, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, March 30, 2016. I was lucky enough to be broke that day and the sales guy almost made me feel guilty for being broke (like being unemployed doesn’t make me feel bad enough!). As soon as I walked away I snapped out of it and then decided to do a little research on the company and here is what happened during my visit …

As I walked by the Adore product Kiosk, the lovely, young, and handsome man started to offer me a sample, I specifically said, “no, thank you, I am not interested” as I do every time I am at the mall (been burned before by these kiosks), they are consistent and pushy, to reel me (or you) in, the very smooth talking “Brazilian” (He was NOT Brazilian, pretty sure he was Israeli, DAMN sure he was Israeli), commented on my reebok sneakers “oh where did you get your sneakers, my sister has been looking for reeboks all over and cannot find them. May I take a picture to show her?” I figured this was harmless enough so I agreed. He of course immediately started “chatting me up” and prying for information (after getting a pretty good chunk of back history, he said I reminded him of his sister, who was also a struggling single mom and my skin was exactly like his girlfriends used to be until she started using Adore products (note that the girlfriend did not come up until I mentioned boyfriend, these people are smooth and manipulative and will “pretend” to be single or in a relationship or whatever based on what you tell them)) and eventually (after many compliments, and life comparisons) had me convinced to sit and have a free sample and consult (He never did take that picture of my shoes).

The chair is set in the kiosk so that you are “trapped” in a very small space, Counter space on either side of you and your sales person “blocking you from the front side, making it so you cannot easily leave.
He started with an exfoliating facial mask on my left cheek and talked and talked about its “benefits” and “healthy properties” and that it is organic and natural and made with diamond dust and something about gold flakes and so on. Continuously commenting on my skin, complimenting me and keeping up the personal talk and questions. He informed me that the price is $400 but I can have it for $200. I informed him that I cannot afford these products. But he moved in closer and continued to introduced a facial milk that he put on the back of my right hand, and again stated all the benefits and such, this product was $200 and I could have it for $159, I stated “I still cannot afford these things, I was laid off a few months back and am living on EI, My EI check does not come in until next week, perhaps I will come back then.” He said that this was his last day, because he was going to Vancouver, but he would give me his business card and I could call him anytime and he would arrange a deal for me. Ok. As I started to get up, he brought out the lotion, And subtly forced me back to sitting, telling me how beautiful my skin was and how much I needed to protect it with this beautiful product (I have bad skin by the way, oily, red blotches here and there, constant breakouts when I am under stress, age spots here and there and so on). He put the lotion on each cheek to show how much better it absorbs if I use the exfoliating mask first … I didn’t clue into the trick here, but …
When he did the same on my hands to show me how much better it absorbs after using the “milk” I caught it.
1. He puts twice as much on the non-treated hand.
2. On the treated hand, he very quickly, and subtly wipes most of it off and then “rubs in” a fraction of the amount put on while on the non-treated hand he not only “rubbed in” the amount he originally put on but he also uses the amount he pulled off the other hand leaving the lotion not fully absorbed.
This product is normally $200 and I can have it for $99. I remind him that I still have no money.

He pulled out his phone to show me some before and after pictures of some of his “personal” customers, he showed me pictures of 4 different people, before and then the 4 weeks later … Funny thing is, all 4 of them had the exact hair style, pose and clothes in both their before and after photos … suspicious? Photoshop? I say definitely!
This process continued (for 45 minutes!) until the $400 exfoliating mask was only $49… for me only, just today and I had to keep it secret and never tell anyone. I once again (for the 7th or 8th time at this point) reminded him that I am broke until I receive my EI next week, but if he gave me his card, I would come back next week and purchase the exfoliating mask. His response blew me away, he very coldly and “snippy” says, as he FINALLY stepped out of my way, “I just remembered, I do not have any business cards left“ and then he turned away from me. This man went from the sweetest, most personable attentive man to the coldest and rudest in a microsecond. If there was ever a chance that I would purchase an Adore product, not only is that chance gone forever, but I will make it a point to share my story with anyone and everyone to make sure they lose business! I was disgusted with their conniving tactics.

These sneaky people make you feel like you are the center of the world, they make you feel like you need to give them your money, they make you feel like you cannot leave without spending a lot of money on worthless products. They lie, manipulate and scam you. They pressure you. They are bullies!

As I mentioned above, As I left, I decided to look into them …. And then after hours and hours of research into this company I have concluded, THEY ARE A SCAM!! Their whole outfit seems to be fraudulent! This seems to be part of a “ring” of Israeli “kiosk companies” that prey on “innocent” and “naive” people. Their staff are “allegedly” working illegally and they are “allegedly” laundering money back to Israel … WTF!!  Their are THOUSANDS of “pages” regarding these companies, and their BAD businesses. Go Google that shit!!

Side Note “they” did get me a couple times. I still have my “$600” Royale hair straightener that I got at an amazing price of only $300, 3 years ago from a kiosk at the Deerfoot Mall. It is an OK straightener that I only use once in a blue moon (maybe once every couple months), but worth that much money? Hell No!!! Does it work as well as the one the salesman used on my hair to make the sale? Hell No!!! They got me another time and conned me into purchasing a very expensive Seacret nail care kit for about half price, I do not recall exact prices of the nail kit as it was 7 or 8 (or more) years ago. They offered “free replacement nail files for life” … uh NOPE! Not even one replacement!! Their “verbal” agreement was a crock of shit. A short time later, they are gone from that location…surprise, surprise.


Click The Links for more horror stories, most worse than mine….

Note: Sister/parent/similar companies found (by me) so far: Adore Organic Innovation, Deep Sea Industries, Deep Sea Cosmetics, Adore cosmetics, Gold Elements, Vine Vera, Oro Gold, Royale Hair Straighteners, Forever flawless, Seacret, Ahava, the list goes on and on!! Make a note and keep in mind that the company names change often.

When reading reviews, remember that I would bet my life that most, if not ALL, of the “positive” reviews are “paid for” and/or fake. Their stuff rarely works (as well as they claim) and is NOT worth the money they ask for!!

Shameful Tactics: Read the comments too! No Refunds on high end, top of the line “guaranteed” products?

Complaints board: these seem to be all from Las Vegas but still the same company … all over North America (all over the world?)

Wikileaks info on Adore’s Parent (or sister) Company – Fraudulent company?

Wikileaks in Depth: Dead Sea cosmetics fraud

Scam artists in Las Vegas … Italy? I was told their crap was made in Miami

They Scare away customers of nearby stores:

Scandal Exposed!

PLEASE!!!!Do your homework before making expensive purchases!

Denmark is the happiest country because they are not whiny little bitches like you!

Oh Jesus, not this again! … We have all seen the misleading meme that circulates every few months, you know, the one below about how happy the Danes are. Every time I see it I am ashamed of my fellow Canadians. When I see a friend post this shit I want to say “Hey you fucking Moron, Danes are happy because they are not a whiny little cunt like you are!!” In reality the report is based on 6 factors to determine happiness of the country and their wage had nothing to do with it!  “The six factors for a happy nation split evenly between concerns on a government- and on a human-scale. The happiest countries have in common a large GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy at birth and a lack of corruption in leadership. But also essential were three things over which individual citizens have a bit more control over: A sense of social support, freedom to make life choices and a culture of generosity.” FYI Canada was Number 6 on that list from 2013 BUT according to CNN, for 2015, Canada leaped to the #5 spot and Denmark DROPPED to #3 for 2015. BUT if you actually ASK the people … I wonder who would top the list …. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, debunking this ridiculous meme



Firstly, Denmark AVERAGE Minimum wage is DKK 110, (DKK is the currency of Denmark the “$20” would change daily with the exchange rate in fact right now it is $23 CAD or $17 USD) Denmark does not have a legally set minimum wage, it is the AVERAGE min wage negotiated by unions and employers. Average meaning some get less, some get more. Secondly, keep in mind that Denmark has a slightly higher cost of living and they pay WAY more taxes than we do!! Thirdly,  you may want to note the Danes still pay for Books for their University courses (and as some of us know can be VERY expensive!) and prescriptions and although Denmark government pays at least 75% of childcare costs, it is ONLY free if you are low income.

Trying to compare DKK to CAD is useless as it varies “to us” in CAD based on exchange rate and if you are going to compare DKK to CAD you must do the exchange rate on EVERYTHING you would purchase in Denmark

So let’s figure some things out …

Right now, as I write this, the exchange rate is: 1 DKK = 0.21 CAD and 1 CAD = 4.76 DKK and therefore the 110 DKK is equal to 23.08 Canadian dollars, Wow that is a pretty damn good wage right! Well, less hours. So at 33 hours per week you are looking at GROSS (that is BEFORE taxes) monthly income (at the rate of 110 DKK times 33 hours times 52 weeks divided by 12 months assuming either paid or no sick days and paid or no vacation) of $3300.44 (15730 DKK). FYI 39605.28 CAD (188760 DKK) yearly

RENT alone in Denmark (for a 1 bedroom in the city) is 6250 DKK ($1312 CAD), whereas in Canada the AVERAGE rent (also for a 1 bedroom in the city) is $847.65 CAD. That is a 54% difference!

Transportation, well Canada’s city transit fares range from 2-4 CAD so It is safe to estimate the Average at $3 per trip. 25 kr in Denmark, that is $5.25 CAD per trip, would you pay that? Gas per liter, here is a good one, In Denmark: $5.93/gallon (1.57/litre) and only $3.24/gallon ($0.857/litre) here in Canada. 83% difference!! Let’s say you have a 13 Gallon tank in your car, would you rather pay $71.16 to fill your tank or $38.88??

Food? It seems that store bought groceries are damn close in price so I will leave that one. but eating out in Denmark will hurt your pocket book. How about the ever-so-loved Big Mac Meal (not by me … I loathe McDonald’s food) nearly 15 CAD in Denmark and approx 9 CAD here in Canada, that is a 67% difference. And nearly $10 for a bottle of beer?? Is the bottle coated in gold … or crack?

But it still seems like a good wage, right? well we forgot to take out taxes from the Gross pay.

Danes also pay approx 50(+)% in employment taxes (that is 8% Health tax, a municipal tax that varies by municipality with an average of 24-25% and the income tax which at the bottom bracket is 37.7% and a fricking church tax, yup, you read that correctly, if you are a member of the church you pay a 1% tax!) AND then there is a 25% sales tax (VAT). You know that 13% (5-15% across Canada) HST/GST/PST that you hate so very much … imagine it at 25%!! All these taxes to get that “free” stuff. Is it worth it, some might think so but Canadians bitch about the taxes they pay now, envision the complaining if we paid the taxes Denmark does.

Lets be nice and easy and pretend we only take out a simple 50% of that $3300.44 we earned this month in Denmark and pretend you are a single person living alone in the city. 1650.22 is what we take home. Rent is $1312 (now pretend you are lucky enough to have heat and lights and internet included in your rent (unlikely, but what the hell, I am trying to make you feel better here) leaving us with $338.22. $200 for groceries for the month leaving $138.22 for whatever else might be needed. You will likely bike to work because you can’t afford the outrageous fuel prices.

Compare that to a minimum wage here in Canada … $1882.4 Gross per month (22588.8 yearly) (average minimum wage of 10.86 times 40 hours times 52 weeks divided by 12 months) you will bring home $19,446 yearly (I even went with Manitoba taxes as they are the highest… note that I did not take out the EI and CPP crap)so your monthly take home is 1620.50 ….HOLY SHIT that is only about $30 less than what the Danes take home! Just for fun, lets take out the CPP and EI and the possible Union dues and such and take home an low balled $1400 per month. BUT still our rent is only $847.65 leaving us with $552.35 which is nearly twice what the Danes have left Because their shit is more fucking expensive.

So here is the side by side in CAD

DKKCAD compare

Now here is an idea, shut the fuck up and stop your whining about their bullshit $20 per hour, less hours and free shit. First it is 110 kr per hour and less hours means less money you idiot! Also NOTHING IS FREE!!! Compare apples to apples NOT apples to oranges you idiotic dipshit. Do your homework before you post memes to avoid being labelled as a fucking idiot. Most of those memes are lies.

Lies, Manipulation, Scare tactics … The Canadian Government.

I have made it very clear that I do NOT want the conservatives CONTROLLING my Country and here I am going to tell you some of the reasons why.

Harper’s Tax breaks are nothing but bribes. Yes, Harper is offering Tax breaks left, right and centre … but is he doing this out of the goodness of his heart? FUCK NO. He is bribing you for your vote! And some of you (approximately 30%) are stupid enough to fall for it. You all disgust me. Wake up, pay attention and educate yourself. Just because your dad voted Conservative doesn’t mean you need to.

According to the Huffington Post, Harper raised “sneaky” taxes, where the “typical” person would not notice. He is taxing parking at hospitals, he increased taxes on imported goods and increased the tax on small business. To name just a few. How about that increase in EI payroll taxes. Every year you pay more and more into the EI fund. And then you lose your job. Do you get EI benefits? Only if you jump through hoops. Fire blazing hoops. Please correct me if I am wrong but, I believe I saw some stats (I can not find these stats now) that stated that less than 50% of applicants are actually being “approved” for EI benefits. This is despicable. Making it too hard for citizens to get approved for the money WE paid into just so the government can STEAL it from us to “show” a balanced budget or a surplus or whatever lying term you want to use. Yet … our national debt continues to increase … suspicious…

Let me sum this up in laments terms for you greedy people accepting the bribe who are obviously not smart enough to understand.

Your friend gives you $5.00 as a gift. He then picks your pockets and scores $50.00. He takes this stolen money and spends it frivolously or on things that matter to him alone, not paying all his bills or debts, putting himself more in the hole by $20.00. He then decides to offer you another $5.00 gift so he can pick your pocket again and pulls out $40.00. Now your friend is up $80.00 and you are out $80.00 without even realizing it. Who wins? (dollar amounts are not to scale) This is essentially what Harper is doing. He is offering you all this “Free Money” and at the same time stealing even more right from under your nose.

Veterans.These men and women gave their lives (both literally and metaphorically) so YOU could have the freedoms that Harper is trying to take away. THEN that *insert insulting name of your choice here(I like “Vomitous Mass”* has the nerve to disrespect these veterans by insulting them and attacking them (as the Tyee puts it). What kind of monster would treat a real life hero in such an atrocious way? And you want this man to continue his reign? You are obviously heartless.

Bill C51. Protection from terrorists. Basically summed up: Everyone is a terrorist. This bill gives the government permission to detain ANYONE for ANY REASON! No proof, no reason. they just have to justify it as “I thought he was a terrorist”. Having an opinion that differs from the government is an act of terrorism under this law. I may be going to jail for a very long time, along with a lot of others I know, because I do NOT agree with this government AT ALL!!! And don’t get me started on the Fair Elections Act (Bill C-23) Harper’s way of eliminating voters that would most likely vote against him. These bills go against all of our freedoms depicted in Part 1 of The Constitution Act, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms! YOU are losing what little freedom you have left.

Silencing Scientists. hmmm… those freedoms again. Who the hell do they think they are to not allow scientists to FULLY share their findings. (and people wonder why I do not trust “science” it is not actually science that I do not trust it is the biased research and the fudged data…or in this case lack there of)

Harper claims a fight on terrorism … perhaps he should start with himself! Ban the Burqa (Don’t get me wrong, as I previously stated, I do NOT agree with the burqa being allowed anywhere a ski mask is not allowed), Bill C-51, Fight on Terrorism. These are scare tactics. Harper is preying on your fear. These things are meant to scare you into voting for Harper. Vote for me, I will protect you from the big bad (imaginary) terrorist. Let’s be realistic here. CANADIANS kill Canadians more than Terrorists kill Canadians. Morons.

The definition of a terrorist is “a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims” … according to this definition and Mr. Harpers actions … HARPER IS A FUCKING TERRORIST!!!

The real face of a terrorist.
The real face of a terrorist.

hitler harper

And then I read this. That Lying Scum accuses Justin of Supporting pot sales to children and neighbourhood brothels. What the actual fuck!! Are you kidding me … wait, nope, I believe it! He knows he is done and is trying every angle possible to manipulate, lie and scare his way back in. This man makes me literally sick to my stomach. How Stupid does he think we are …. Sadly some of you are that fucking stupid.

I would like to apologize to my “conservative” friends, but if this is what you want, a Prime Mister who Bribes and scares you into a vote, a Prime minister who disrespects you and steals from you, a prime minister who thinks so little of our freedoms that he abolishes them, then my respect for you just dissipated. I changed my mind and take back my apology, If you are willing to be so uninformed, uneducated and blind, you do not deserve an apology, I DO! My Friends list likely is about to diminish for this one and all I can say is good-bye. I see all your pro-Harper posts and I wince when I see them, your opinion is your own and I accept that, and I remain your friend, I have a bit less respect for you, but I am not so low as to “un-friend” you over a difference of opinion…even if your opinion makes you look like a complete ignorant moron. I just simply choose to accept and (mostly) ignore… but remember My opinion is My own (except that, Mine is backed up, not just a meme, and not about greed and fear) Accept it, ignore it, I don’t care. I have accepted that you do NOT do your homework. I have accepted that you are Naive. I have accepted that you have not researched at all. I have accepted that you are blinded by greed and fear. I have accepted that for some reason you CHOOSE to not see what a horrible Canada Harper is creating. I should probably tell you that It appalls me that you believe the lies and accept them as law. It disgusts me. Your ignorance makes me sick. But Now, I am simply shaking my head in disbelief that you are, in fact, so naive to his manipulation. Do you even pay attention? Are you even awake? This man gives you “tax breaks” but STEALS your tax dollars. He gives you “tax breaks” but RAISES taxes. He takes 10 fold of what he gives but YOU refuse to see it. Open your goddamn eyes. He is the only terrorist in Canada. He is a rude, ignorant, EVIL, Scumbag!!!

Guess what Canada … a Prime minister is supposed to RUN a country NOT Bully and Control it!! Wake the fuck up, do your goddamn homework and get him out. This is OUR Canada.

…Even Blue Rodeo knows Harper has to go,  Because He is Stealing all my dreams! (And it is actually a decent tune!) 😉



One of the greatest moments of my life was receiving the news that I graduated and received a diploma in my technology discipline. I did not graduate high school So receiving this diploma and walking across the stage meant the world to me. I still get teary eyed thinking about it.

Why did I not graduate high school? Well, 6 BIG moves to 4 different cities (with umpteen moves within each city) in 4 provinces and 8 different high schools in 5 years. I gave up. My Mother moved us to BC, then shipped me off to Ontario, I split to NB, back to BC, shipped off to NS then back to NB. I was 19 still in grade 10 because I didn’t finish a single year. 1 day I was sitting in a class and just completely gave up. I thought to myself “I am too old for this shit” and I walked out. I never went back. FYI … I was 19 with an attitude, to me, at that time, I was too old for that shit. A couple years later I wrote my GED and received my diploma for that. I did nothing to obtain the GED. No schooling, no studying, nothing. I just wrote it. The lack of work put into achieving the GED made it just a piece of paper that could help me get a job. I got a job, and then another, and then another. Always crappy meaningless minimum wage jobs. Retail, Call centres, Home care. Jobs that bored me and I despised.

After the birth of Kyia, I decided enough is enough, I will not raise my daughter on welfare nor will I raise her while I work my ass off at a menial minimum wage job, “I am too smart for this shit”. I want to be able to support my daughter. I want to be able to provide her with more than just the bare necessities. I want her to never go without, as I had my entire life. I was raised on welfare. I had nothing. If it wasn’t supplied by a charity or a sponsor of some sort, I didn’t get it. New clothes were scarce, they were almost always second hand from a free store of some sort. This was NOT going to happen to my daughter.

I started my schooling trek in 2004 with many trips to school counsellors and career counsellors. I knew I wanted to do something technical and I had it narrowed down to about 5 courses. However, no matter which of the courses I chose, a GED was not good enough. I needed a lot of math and science as prerequisites to any and all of the courses I wanted.

So after deciding on my course I enrolled in upgrading classes, these were basically high school classes for adults. One and a half years of upgrading, all the Maths and Sciences I could handle, with an English class thrown in for good measure. I loved it. I made some great friends and learned a lot. I aced everything and was at the top of most of my classes. (Biology and I did not mix well, but I still pulled a B out of that one). By the end I was ready for my course.

I started my course, and on day one I was already lost. The instructors came in, guns blazing. They started talking as though we already knew what they were saying… I didn’t! I remember going home after that first day and crying myself to sleep convinced that taking this course was the biggest mistake I had ever made. In fact, I cried myself to sleep most nights throughout the length of this course. I spent weeks (months even, possibly the length of the entire course) trying to catch up and keep up. 5 years later, I still feel like I need to catch up. This course was so difficult that usually over 50% of the students drop out before the end. My class started with 28 of us and ended with 9. I hear that 1 graduating class hit 23 … but I bet that is a myth. lol

We had an instructor who was convinced that if you did not have a photographic memory, you should not be in this class. We had an instructor who never showed up for class (by never, I mean once every other week to give us an assignment or test), he was eventually replaced … by a hippy. We had an instructor who was pretty much a hippy, hippy van and all! We had an instructor who … well let us just say, English was his third language, his classes were usually the toughest, and because of this he was not very liked. We had an instructor who was also a pilot. We had an instructor who basically gave us all the answers. We had an instructor who looked like a turtle. But, with the exception of the “never showed up for class” instructor, each of these teachers had one thing in common. They helped. If a student made the effort to go to them for extra help, they gave it, and they gave it their all. I am not going to get into every tiny detail about every semester and every class but I will sum it up like this. I studied, I struggled, I failed tests (I had never failed a test in my life until I took this course), I stressed, I cried, I missed classes due to a sick child, I stayed up all night studying, more often than not, I fought, I worried, I screamed, I wanted to quit, I wanted to give up. I pushed, and pushed and pushed, literally to (and beyond) my breaking point.

I was accepted into the course I chose, but how was I to pay? I was on Employment Insurance and although they agreed to pay for half, I was a single mother on EI and I refused to get a student loan. I applied for every scholarship I could and managed to score a full year scholarship for my first year! YEAH! I did Manage to scrape by without a bit of debt. Between the assistance of family (some who looked after Kyia so I didn’t have to pay child care), friends (1 in particular who bought my tools that were required for the course, and others who assisted with the babysitting), and scholarships (I managed to get scholarships for all but 1 semester, my last semester, which I had to pay out of pocket) I graduated with no loan to pay back.

Obviously not my actual Diploma
Obviously not my actual Diploma

The 4 years I spent in college (approx 1 year in co-op job placement and I took approx 1 year off) were the hardest, most stressful, most exhausting years of my entire life (well to date anyway).

I would not change it for anything. These struggles made me see life in a whole new dimension. I learned a lot more than what I was taught in classes. I learned that I am stronger than I ever thought possible. I learned that I really can do whatever I set my mind to. I learned that failing every now and again is a necessity in life. I learned that if you want something you need to work hard and fight to get it. The best things in life are not handed to you on a silver platter, you need to earn them.

Working, Studying and raising a child (toddler) on your own is the most difficult task anyone could do, and I did it. I have a diploma in a field I enjoy and am working (partially) in that area. It took me years to get where I am and it will take me many more to get where I am going … wherever that may be.