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LGBTabcdefg….gender neutral?

Warning! Beware the language!

My friend sent me a link to a video a few days ago and it made me want to do a post about how annoying (some) “LGBT….” people can be. The Video itself is hilarious! Have a click…


Don’t get me wrong, I do not have a problem with gays or lesbians or homos or what-the-fuck-ever “they” are calling themselves these days. Love is love. Sex is sex. Humans are humans. Your preference is none of my business. I truly believe that you have every right to “be with” whomever you want, man or woman (you know, so long as they are of an appropriate age and willing…you rape someone or touch a child, Straight, gay or otherwise, I hope you die the most painful death imaginable and then after death you suffer in agony in the depths of hell).

I have some very good friends who are gay. In fact my second mom is gay (my best friend of over 30 years’ mother). She is one of the strongest and most amazing women I know! She “came out” during a time when it was a lot less accepted than it is now. She does not “flaunt” her sexuality and she doesn’t care if you are gay or straight. She is an inspiration. I also spent many years thinking my best friend was “in the closet”. I told her 25 years ago that if she was gay and came out I would still be her best friend. I told her I would be there for her and by her side no matter what. She screamed at me that she was not gay, so I let it go. But in the back of my mind I thought there was still a possibility for many years. I may not think it anymore, but still have an open mind and if she did tell me she is a lesbian, I’d cheer her on! I know some assholes who happen to be gay. I have an Ex friend (are they exes if they were friends?) who is one of the biggest douche bags I know. He is a liar, abusive and a “troublemaker”. He is judgemental and makes fun of people … the ironic (is that the word I want to use here?) thing is, he is unemployed, not very attractive and I believe an alcoholic, who the fuck is he to make fun and judge? He is hateful toward most straight people.  I have some great straight friends. For some reason I feel like I do not need to put examples in here … this, is what society has done to me … but I will. Let me give you an example of the most amazing “Straight person” I know, my grandmother. Nanny was a very catholic/religious woman, but she was acceptant. She may not have “understood” gay people, but she accepted them.  She was kind but strong. She taught me to have the open mind that I have. I know some real big dick head straight people. We all know there are many straight people out there who think gay is wrong, period. If there wasn’t there wouldn’t be an issue. And we likely all know (at least) one. The ones who really piss me off are the ones who are hypocritical pigs as well. You know, the disgusting Men who demand that being gay is wrong, it is evil and you are going to burn in hell! but lesbians are ok because girl on girl is “hot”(Met a lot of pigs over the years like this one)…And the women who do the same thing. Homosexuality is a sin, it is disgusting and unnatural, but a threesome with 2 men would be so awesome though!

Humans are humans. We are ALL equal no matter who we love, what our preferences are, what colour we are, what size we are, what language we speak, what sex we are… What sex we are… that brings me to my point I think…So, what is this (vent) post about? What do I have a problem with? Well …

When you call yourself a gender that you are not… or worse gender neutral. Males have a penis and Females have a vagina. PERIOD. You can be a male who “lives as a woman” or you can be a female who “lives as a man”, but if you have a fucking dick between your legs you are a fucking male. FACT is there are two and two only genders. Humanity has 2 fucking genders – FACT. Male and female. Penis and vagina. See the picture below? If you are a person who has anatomy like the diagram on the left, You are Male. You can be homosexual, you can be what I think you call transgender which I believe means you “live as a woman”, you can be a cross dresser, you can be Bi-sexual but you are still MALE!  If your anatomy looks like the one one the right, you ARE Female. You can live as a man, sleep with women, and dress like a man but until you get an actual “sex change” operation, you are female!

Gender Neutral (regarding sexuality or gender…not the green or yellow you paint the babies room)… What the actual fuck is this?? “they have actually introduced pronouns to replace he/she, him/her and his/hers … No joke, Xe, Xem and Xyr are some of these newly invented pronouns. The only scenario in which I can fathom a person legitimately calling themselves “gender neutral” is if they are born with NO FUCKING PARTS! …or maybe if they are a hermaphrodite… I am not afraid to say that if I EVER run into a person who calls him/her self gender neutral, I will immediately assume they are the dumbest motherfucker to walk the planet, and instantly turn and walk away in an effort to avoid my IQ dropping from just being near them. Yes instantly, not another damn word. You are officially a moron. There is NO SUCH THING as gender neutral. It is simply something “easily offended” shit disturbers made up to annoy the hell out of actual intelligent people and have a way to use discrimination as a way to start a fight. For Christ sake, gender neutral. This topic makes my blood boil. I have never heard a more idiotic classification.

While we are on the topic of what I have a problem with…

When you throw your sexuality in my face. I do not give a fuck if you are gay, straight, or Bi, I don’t want to see you making out with your partner and I sure as hell don’t want to see you walking around in ass-less chaps (I threw the ass-less in there for effect … all chaps are ass-less other wise they would just be called pants! fg3jgh20160602115037  )Gay, Straight, old young, Put some damn clothes on and get a fucking room! Seriously! Have some fucking class. Being gay (or straight, or Bi) does not mean you have to walk around advertising who you sleep with! I am straight, I am proud to be straight. My vagina loves cock. I don’t walk around showcasing my love for dicks! Be who you are, but do it subtly and humbly. For Fuck sake. Now wait, before you flip, I realize some people are “flamboyant” due to their personalities, That is different. Be extravagant. Be Dazzling. Be glamorous. But do it with out exposing yourself. Have some self-respect and decency. And What in the fuck is all this sexual shit… Gay, straight, Bi, a-sexual, transsexual metasexual, pansexual, there are so many! …and Lesbian is a category all on its own?… because lesbians are not gay?… JESUS CHRIST!! There are 4!!! There are only 4 sexuality classifications; Homosexual – Your preference is someone of the same sex, Straight – Preference is someone of the opposite sex, Bi-Sexual – No preference, you are good with a boy or girl and Celibacy – You don’t want anyone. That is it! Your a guy who likes guys who look like girls? Then you are gay. get it? good.

When you determine that “all” straight people are the problem. (no really, I have personally been snubbed by some loser gay guy because I was straight … no joke! His words “oh, your straight” and walked away all snooty. My friend I was with told me this guy has it out for all straight people. I laughed my ass off. As if I would associate myself with the likes of that anyway! Not because he is gay, but because he is a self absorbed douche bucket!) Fuck you dickhead… YOU are the problem … If you ever say “All” of any class of people are a problem or whatever, I hope you trip, smash you head on the pavement and live your remaining days with amnesia, forgetting what a world class scuz-bag you are. All of any category is never the problem (except spiders… all spiders suck!) There are some sexist men, there are some sexist women, there are bad people who are gay, there are bad people who are straight, there are stupid white people, there are stupid black people, there are evil Muslims and evil Christians. There are also good people of every kind. There are good Muslims, my landlord is one. There are good Christians, My Grandmother was one. There are good Gay people, My friend Paul is one. There are good straight people, I am one! For the love of all that is holy, stop blaming everyone else and look in the mirror.

When you ask for “equality” but actually want more. Your not fucking special. You are human, I am human. Do I think Gays should be able to marry? Hell Yes! Do I think that you should be treated the exact same as me? Hell yes! Do I think you should celebrate who you are? Hell Yes! Do I think you should have the same rights as me? Hell Yes! Do I think you should have to hide your partner? Fuck No! Do I think you should get special treatment? Fuck no! Do I think people should “walk on eggshells” and be very careful how they address you? O My God Moron, are you not paying attention? Take your self-righteous ass and go jump off a bridge. EQUALITY is just that. Being equal, being treated as equal and treating others as equal. Equality does not mean you get special fucking treatment.

So in summary, there are 2 sexes. TWO. Male and Female. Gender Neutral does not exist (unless you were unfortunate enough to be born with no male or female genitalia). If you are easily offended… your problem, not mine (and you likely should not be reading my blog). There are 4 sexuality classifications, Homosexual, Straight, Bi-Sexual and Celibacy. If you are a male who lives as a woman, I will contently go along with it and call you “she” but, I will NEVER call you xe and know that if asked (such as “hey is that a dude or a chick”), I will always say you are a MALE who lives as a woman and prefers to be called a she. Equal means we are EQUAL. Your being offended by all straight people is your problem.


Live how you want. Dress how you want. Fuck who you want. Be who you want.


Denmark is the happiest country because they are not whiny little bitches like you!

Oh Jesus, not this again! … We have all seen the misleading meme that circulates every few months, you know, the one below about how happy the Danes are. Every time I see it I am ashamed of my fellow Canadians. When I see a friend post this shit I want to say “Hey you fucking Moron, Danes are happy because they are not a whiny little cunt like you are!!” In reality the report is based on 6 factors to determine happiness of the country and their wage had nothing to do with it!  “The six factors for a happy nation split evenly between concerns on a government- and on a human-scale. The happiest countries have in common a large GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy at birth and a lack of corruption in leadership. But also essential were three things over which individual citizens have a bit more control over: A sense of social support, freedom to make life choices and a culture of generosity.” FYI Canada was Number 6 on that list from 2013 BUT according to CNN, for 2015, Canada leaped to the #5 spot and Denmark DROPPED to #3 for 2015. BUT if you actually ASK the people … I wonder who would top the list …. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, debunking this ridiculous meme



Firstly, Denmark AVERAGE Minimum wage is DKK 110, (DKK is the currency of Denmark the “$20” would change daily with the exchange rate in fact right now it is $23 CAD or $17 USD) Denmark does not have a legally set minimum wage, it is the AVERAGE min wage negotiated by unions and employers. Average meaning some get less, some get more. Secondly, keep in mind that Denmark has a slightly higher cost of living and they pay WAY more taxes than we do!! Thirdly,  you may want to note the Danes still pay for Books for their University courses (and as some of us know can be VERY expensive!) and prescriptions and although Denmark government pays at least 75% of childcare costs, it is ONLY free if you are low income.

Trying to compare DKK to CAD is useless as it varies “to us” in CAD based on exchange rate and if you are going to compare DKK to CAD you must do the exchange rate on EVERYTHING you would purchase in Denmark

So let’s figure some things out …

Right now, as I write this, the exchange rate is: 1 DKK = 0.21 CAD and 1 CAD = 4.76 DKK and therefore the 110 DKK is equal to 23.08 Canadian dollars, Wow that is a pretty damn good wage right! Well, less hours. So at 33 hours per week you are looking at GROSS (that is BEFORE taxes) monthly income (at the rate of 110 DKK times 33 hours times 52 weeks divided by 12 months assuming either paid or no sick days and paid or no vacation) of $3300.44 (15730 DKK). FYI 39605.28 CAD (188760 DKK) yearly

RENT alone in Denmark (for a 1 bedroom in the city) is 6250 DKK ($1312 CAD), whereas in Canada the AVERAGE rent (also for a 1 bedroom in the city) is $847.65 CAD. That is a 54% difference!

Transportation, well Canada’s city transit fares range from 2-4 CAD so It is safe to estimate the Average at $3 per trip. 25 kr in Denmark, that is $5.25 CAD per trip, would you pay that? Gas per liter, here is a good one, In Denmark: $5.93/gallon (1.57/litre) and only $3.24/gallon ($0.857/litre) here in Canada. 83% difference!! Let’s say you have a 13 Gallon tank in your car, would you rather pay $71.16 to fill your tank or $38.88??

Food? It seems that store bought groceries are damn close in price so I will leave that one. but eating out in Denmark will hurt your pocket book. How about the ever-so-loved Big Mac Meal (not by me … I loathe McDonald’s food) nearly 15 CAD in Denmark and approx 9 CAD here in Canada, that is a 67% difference. And nearly $10 for a bottle of beer?? Is the bottle coated in gold … or crack?

But it still seems like a good wage, right? well we forgot to take out taxes from the Gross pay.

Danes also pay approx 50(+)% in employment taxes (that is 8% Health tax, a municipal tax that varies by municipality with an average of 24-25% and the income tax which at the bottom bracket is 37.7% and a fricking church tax, yup, you read that correctly, if you are a member of the church you pay a 1% tax!) AND then there is a 25% sales tax (VAT). You know that 13% (5-15% across Canada) HST/GST/PST that you hate so very much … imagine it at 25%!! All these taxes to get that “free” stuff. Is it worth it, some might think so but Canadians bitch about the taxes they pay now, envision the complaining if we paid the taxes Denmark does.

Lets be nice and easy and pretend we only take out a simple 50% of that $3300.44 we earned this month in Denmark and pretend you are a single person living alone in the city. 1650.22 is what we take home. Rent is $1312 (now pretend you are lucky enough to have heat and lights and internet included in your rent (unlikely, but what the hell, I am trying to make you feel better here) leaving us with $338.22. $200 for groceries for the month leaving $138.22 for whatever else might be needed. You will likely bike to work because you can’t afford the outrageous fuel prices.

Compare that to a minimum wage here in Canada … $1882.4 Gross per month (22588.8 yearly) (average minimum wage of 10.86 times 40 hours times 52 weeks divided by 12 months) you will bring home $19,446 yearly (I even went with Manitoba taxes as they are the highest… note that I did not take out the EI and CPP crap)so your monthly take home is 1620.50 ….HOLY SHIT that is only about $30 less than what the Danes take home! Just for fun, lets take out the CPP and EI and the possible Union dues and such and take home an low balled $1400 per month. BUT still our rent is only $847.65 leaving us with $552.35 which is nearly twice what the Danes have left Because their shit is more fucking expensive.

So here is the side by side in CAD

DKKCAD compare

Now here is an idea, shut the fuck up and stop your whining about their bullshit $20 per hour, less hours and free shit. First it is 110 kr per hour and less hours means less money you idiot! Also NOTHING IS FREE!!! Compare apples to apples NOT apples to oranges you idiotic dipshit. Do your homework before you post memes to avoid being labelled as a fucking idiot. Most of those memes are lies.

Pray for the World – updated

Stand For Peace

While you are praying (If praying is what you do) for Paris keep in mind that while the attacks on Paris are devastating, they are not the only ones to be attacked, Please also pray for Beirut and Baghdad. While you are at it,  pray for all of the war torn countries because not everyone in Syria or Afghanistan is evil. MOST of them are innocent people trying to get away from the evil, death and corruption. OR even better start actually doing something!! Praying doesn’t do much good by itself (or at all?). DO something. Find a charity or cause you support and donate your time and/or money! I do! At the bottom of this post you will find a list of “some” “charities” you can donate to.

Baghdad. At a Funeral. Some douche bag cowardly piece of shit suicide bomber killed people attending a funeral. While family and friends mourned a loved one, a scum-bag showed up with a bomb strapped to his chest and blew up a fucking funeral killing at least 17 and injuring dozens. Seriously. Disgraceful. Attacks in Baghdad happen almost daily murdering tons of innocent civilians. Pray for them. Keep the people of Baghdad in your hearts and prayers. Stand by those innocent lives.

Beirut. Double attack. (At least) 4 sick and twisted fucktards massacred dozens and wounded hundreds in an act of terrorism. These scum of the earth bastards purposely attacked in an area filled with families and innocent people. I hope there is a hell and I hope they suffer greatly for their evil ways. Keep the people of Beirut in your hearts and prayers. Stand by those innocent lives.

Paris. Multiple locations. Low-life scum-suckers slaughtered innocent lives in at least 6 locations in Paris. A concert. A soccer game. Bars. Restaurant. None of these (at least) 120 people deserved to lose their lives. None of these hundreds of injured deserved to be hurt. Only the Idiotic Morons behind these massacres deserve this pain, agony and death (actually, death is too good for them). Keep the people of Paris in your hearts and prayers. Stand by those innocent lives.

Syria. over 4 years of war. Killing each other and innocent citizens who happen to be in the cross-fire. No wonder they are trying to escape. over 250,000 butchered and more every day. Keep the people of Syria in your hearts and prayers. Stand by those innocent lives.

Afghanistan. Always at war. Innocent Afghanistan citizens die every day (although at this point one might wonder if there are in fact any innocents left after so very many years) in this war-torn country. Keep the people of Afghanistan in your hearts and prayers. Stand by those innocent lives.

Somalia. Terrorist attacks are there too. Named the worlds most dangerous country and for good reason. Keep the people of Somalia in your hearts and prayers. Stand by those innocent lives.

These are just some of the attacks going on in some of the countries. Keep the people of the world in your hearts and prayers. Stand by all innocent lives.

Points to ponder:

Terrorism is Evil. Terrorists are nothing more than power hungry cowards. They are the lowest scum of the earth (right “down” there with paedophiles). Disgusting, useless pieces of shit.

They are trying to break our souls, don’t let them. Never be afraid of a coward!

Stand strong not afraid. The Terrorist feed on your fear. They believe fear is weakness and strike when you are weak. So stand strong and fight with your strength.

Do not let fear and lies make your decisions. Don’t give in to the fear propaganda.

Muslims are NOT the enemy. There are 1.6 BILLION Muslims on our planet, If they were all evil, there is not much we could do about it… just sayin. A very small percentage that are “Extremists”, they are the “Evil” ones … but you know what … EVERY religion and nationality and race has a small percentage of evil fucks. So stop being a racist asshole.

Terrorism has no Religion. These shits use religion as an excuse to wage war. It is bull shit. I do not care what religion you are, your “god” neither wants nor condones war. War is created by the greedy, power hungry governments. Period. End of story.

Justin Trudeau is NOT the enemy. Stop blaming the fucking attacks in Paris on JT. For Christ sake he is the PM of CANADA NOT FRANCE (nor the U.S. if you believe the US government (or the “elite families”)is behind it all, some do, some don’t)! Get over yourself. He had nothing to do with these or any attacks! Put your big girl panties on and stop crying because “your” choice for PM got booted the fuck out of office. Give JT the chance he deserves. I am NOT a “liberal supporter” but I am decent enough to give the man a chance before condemning him to “Bad PM” status. Now, Shut your traps until there is actually something to bitch about. Until then … Watch this. (Sorry, I love that video, He seems to be so much fun … and a nerd too!! I truly hope he is the leader we need).

Refugees are innocent people running away from the terrorists in their own war-torn country. Trudeau is making an attempt to help and save (some of) these innocent people. The ONLY things you are saying by sharing scare-tactic posts (and your derogatory comments towards the refugees (and Muslims and and Trudeau)) is that you are ignorant to what is actually going on, that you too are inducing unnecessary fear, you are easily falsely led by strategic propaganda or internet memes and you are racist, hateful and ignorant. I would also like to add, that although I feel deeply for the innocent lives that are being lost, I truly do believe that we should save our own lives as well. We have homeless, veterans and poverty stricken lives right here in Canada that need assistance too! I am not saying that we should not help the refugees, I am saying that we need to look after us TOO!! TOO, meaning also or as well. Canada “should” be a kind enough country that we can help both our own AND some refugees. We have before. But here is the problem… You big mouth pieces of shit who are wanting to condemn the refugees to death because you think we should “help our own” are most likely hypocritical trash. Seriously… What are YOU doing to help your own? If all you “mouths” got off your greedy selfish asses and donated time and money to OUR homeless and poverty stricken, we wouldn’t have many left!!  I think we should help as many refugees as we can. I think we should help some by bringing them to Canada and I think we should help the ones we are unable to bring here in whatever way we can. Their home is in shambles and war surrounds them. They need a safer place to go.
Syria pre-2011 compared to Syria today. Would you want to go home?
Syria hole
to see more Syria destruction Photos:

I have some “friends” (I use the term friend loosely to mean people I have on my social media account)  who have posted a link to an article posted a year ago. This particular article is being re-circulated to coincide with the current attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad. It is being re-circulated simply to induce fear into Canadians as the headline states, “ISIS leader threatens Canada, says it will fight to the last man in audio recording”. There are multiple people re-posting this today, too blinded by the horrific events that have happened to see past the fear and hate. I am betting that most of the folks posting only read the headline and have no idea what the article actually says and no idea that it is actually an article from a year ago. READ MORE THAN THE HEADLINE!!

I guess to sum up:

The innocent victims of war and tragedy are in my heart everyday.
People of the world need to Stand united and strong against ALL terrorists.
Fear is what the “terrorists” want.
Racism is as evil as terrorism.
Passing judgement without just cause makes you the asshole.

Donate or volunteer you time. Do your research and choose the one that is right for you. Choose the one that gives the most of their money and time directly to the cause.

MoneySense Magazine’s annual charity ranking is a list of charities that have been rated based on how efficient the charity organization is.




Lies, Manipulation, Scare tactics … The Canadian Government.

I have made it very clear that I do NOT want the conservatives CONTROLLING my Country and here I am going to tell you some of the reasons why.

Harper’s Tax breaks are nothing but bribes. Yes, Harper is offering Tax breaks left, right and centre … but is he doing this out of the goodness of his heart? FUCK NO. He is bribing you for your vote! And some of you (approximately 30%) are stupid enough to fall for it. You all disgust me. Wake up, pay attention and educate yourself. Just because your dad voted Conservative doesn’t mean you need to.

According to the Huffington Post, Harper raised “sneaky” taxes, where the “typical” person would not notice. He is taxing parking at hospitals, he increased taxes on imported goods and increased the tax on small business. To name just a few. How about that increase in EI payroll taxes. Every year you pay more and more into the EI fund. And then you lose your job. Do you get EI benefits? Only if you jump through hoops. Fire blazing hoops. Please correct me if I am wrong but, I believe I saw some stats (I can not find these stats now) that stated that less than 50% of applicants are actually being “approved” for EI benefits. This is despicable. Making it too hard for citizens to get approved for the money WE paid into just so the government can STEAL it from us to “show” a balanced budget or a surplus or whatever lying term you want to use. Yet … our national debt continues to increase … suspicious…

Let me sum this up in laments terms for you greedy people accepting the bribe who are obviously not smart enough to understand.

Your friend gives you $5.00 as a gift. He then picks your pockets and scores $50.00. He takes this stolen money and spends it frivolously or on things that matter to him alone, not paying all his bills or debts, putting himself more in the hole by $20.00. He then decides to offer you another $5.00 gift so he can pick your pocket again and pulls out $40.00. Now your friend is up $80.00 and you are out $80.00 without even realizing it. Who wins? (dollar amounts are not to scale) This is essentially what Harper is doing. He is offering you all this “Free Money” and at the same time stealing even more right from under your nose.

Veterans.These men and women gave their lives (both literally and metaphorically) so YOU could have the freedoms that Harper is trying to take away. THEN that *insert insulting name of your choice here(I like “Vomitous Mass”* has the nerve to disrespect these veterans by insulting them and attacking them (as the Tyee puts it). What kind of monster would treat a real life hero in such an atrocious way? And you want this man to continue his reign? You are obviously heartless.

Bill C51. Protection from terrorists. Basically summed up: Everyone is a terrorist. This bill gives the government permission to detain ANYONE for ANY REASON! No proof, no reason. they just have to justify it as “I thought he was a terrorist”. Having an opinion that differs from the government is an act of terrorism under this law. I may be going to jail for a very long time, along with a lot of others I know, because I do NOT agree with this government AT ALL!!! And don’t get me started on the Fair Elections Act (Bill C-23) Harper’s way of eliminating voters that would most likely vote against him. These bills go against all of our freedoms depicted in Part 1 of The Constitution Act, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms! YOU are losing what little freedom you have left.

Silencing Scientists. hmmm… those freedoms again. Who the hell do they think they are to not allow scientists to FULLY share their findings. (and people wonder why I do not trust “science” it is not actually science that I do not trust it is the biased research and the fudged data…or in this case lack there of)

Harper claims a fight on terrorism … perhaps he should start with himself! Ban the Burqa (Don’t get me wrong, as I previously stated, I do NOT agree with the burqa being allowed anywhere a ski mask is not allowed), Bill C-51, Fight on Terrorism. These are scare tactics. Harper is preying on your fear. These things are meant to scare you into voting for Harper. Vote for me, I will protect you from the big bad (imaginary) terrorist. Let’s be realistic here. CANADIANS kill Canadians more than Terrorists kill Canadians. Morons.

The definition of a terrorist is “a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims” … according to this definition and Mr. Harpers actions … HARPER IS A FUCKING TERRORIST!!!

The real face of a terrorist.
The real face of a terrorist.

hitler harper

And then I read this. That Lying Scum accuses Justin of Supporting pot sales to children and neighbourhood brothels. What the actual fuck!! Are you kidding me … wait, nope, I believe it! He knows he is done and is trying every angle possible to manipulate, lie and scare his way back in. This man makes me literally sick to my stomach. How Stupid does he think we are …. Sadly some of you are that fucking stupid.

I would like to apologize to my “conservative” friends, but if this is what you want, a Prime Mister who Bribes and scares you into a vote, a Prime minister who disrespects you and steals from you, a prime minister who thinks so little of our freedoms that he abolishes them, then my respect for you just dissipated. I changed my mind and take back my apology, If you are willing to be so uninformed, uneducated and blind, you do not deserve an apology, I DO! My Friends list likely is about to diminish for this one and all I can say is good-bye. I see all your pro-Harper posts and I wince when I see them, your opinion is your own and I accept that, and I remain your friend, I have a bit less respect for you, but I am not so low as to “un-friend” you over a difference of opinion…even if your opinion makes you look like a complete ignorant moron. I just simply choose to accept and (mostly) ignore… but remember My opinion is My own (except that, Mine is backed up, not just a meme, and not about greed and fear) Accept it, ignore it, I don’t care. I have accepted that you do NOT do your homework. I have accepted that you are Naive. I have accepted that you have not researched at all. I have accepted that you are blinded by greed and fear. I have accepted that for some reason you CHOOSE to not see what a horrible Canada Harper is creating. I should probably tell you that It appalls me that you believe the lies and accept them as law. It disgusts me. Your ignorance makes me sick. But Now, I am simply shaking my head in disbelief that you are, in fact, so naive to his manipulation. Do you even pay attention? Are you even awake? This man gives you “tax breaks” but STEALS your tax dollars. He gives you “tax breaks” but RAISES taxes. He takes 10 fold of what he gives but YOU refuse to see it. Open your goddamn eyes. He is the only terrorist in Canada. He is a rude, ignorant, EVIL, Scumbag!!!

Guess what Canada … a Prime minister is supposed to RUN a country NOT Bully and Control it!! Wake the fuck up, do your goddamn homework and get him out. This is OUR Canada.

…Even Blue Rodeo knows Harper has to go,  Because He is Stealing all my dreams! (And it is actually a decent tune!) 😉

Losing a friend over a difference of opinion

Note **this blog and the one about the burqa controversy were one blog, I have since separated them.

I was thinking about an old friend (Garvan) today, and yesterday I was hashing it out about Burqa’s and therefore decided I want to do a blog entry on the differences of people and their opinions. About 2 years ago, I lost, what I thought was, a dear good friend because of a difference in opinion. No I didn’t kill Garvan, I simply didn’t agree with his way of thinking and he decided that being friends with someone who believes in freedom is not for him. I was appalled by his decision to cut me out of his life. But such things happen. Sadly.

A brief, little history. I met Garvan when I was a teenager and we quickly became the best of friends. He was not the brightest in our group of friends, he was a bit older (early 20’s) and he was kind. That was his thing, he was such a sweetie. (FYI …We never dated). He knew all my secrets, including those I wouldn’t tell my “other” best friends. I could talk to Garvan about anything. We both moved away and kept in touch for years but started to drift away from one another. Then Facebook happened. We found each other and kept in touch again, he had a family, I had a family, we sent each other Christmas cards every year, it was so nice to catch up and keep up with his life. It felt amazing, as I cared deeply for Garvan. He was a best friend in a crucial time of my life, after all (the teenage years). It was lovely. I miss him.

Now Garvan, as mentioned before, is not very bright. He had MANY opinions on things that I did not agree with, but Me being me, just let it be…. until …

I made a post (on FB) about a controversial issue. The issue was about Phil Robertson’s Quote in GQ regarding HIS BELIEFS

I Posted a link to some story about A&E suspending the show and Stated:

“Although I do NOT agree with his beliefs, I do believe that he has a right to believe what he chooses. I also believe he has the right to express those beliefs. (I apologize in advance if this offends anyone of my friends, I also have opinions that may or may not be the same as yours). We don’t condemn those certain religious groups who express their religious views vigorously at your door, we choose to listen or ignore. So you don’t agree with Phil? You have the choice to listen or ignore. Don’t watch his show. Don’t buy his stuff. THAT is YOUR choice. However if you intend to condemn him and punish him for his beliefs, and expressing said beliefs, than you had better keep your mouth shut too!! If you think you can have an opinion yet others cannot, well you are sadly mistaken. Everyone has their own opinion, most different than others. No one is being hurt (if your feelings are hurt I have a report you can fill out, google “hurt feeling report” and take your pick), so why punish a man for expressing what he believes? I have many friends who are straight, gay, Christian, atheist, different colours and nationalities. They all have opinions and/or beliefs that may or may not differ from mine. I do not condemn them for it. They should not be punished for expressing themselves and their opinions and beliefs, and neither should Phil Robertson (I would also like to state that I am neither pro nor anti ‘Phil’ I do not regularly watch Duck Dynasty, but if someone else is watching it, I will sit and have a chuckle). We are “supposed” to be a free country (both Canada and the USA) yet we have no freedoms. We cannot speak our minds, we cannot express our opinions, we have to conform to what we are told or we are “bad” people. WRONG. I believe these bad people are those who try to make everyone the same by oppressing us and our thoughts and/or those who do things to hurt people. The people of the world will never think alike, live alike, look alike or be alike. How boring would that world be? I, personally, would never want to be a part of that world. I will always have an opinion and most often express it. If you don’t like it, move on. If you don’t agree, well that is YOUR opinion and feel free to express it. The world is a crazy place, accept it and move on.”

Then the following conversation/comments occurred:

Friend 1: ” I second what you said!!!!!”

Friend 2: It’s the same as hating someone for their gender, race, or skin colour. If some famous dude wants to bash a whole group of people for something their brain is prewired to and can’t change, and then proceed to throw shit in there about god and religion, I’d expect nothing less than what they did.”

ME: “Phil is not homophobic, nor does he “hate” gays, he simply believes it to be a sin in “God’s” eyes …. Quoted from the GQ Article that this controversy stemmed from … “It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.” … AND… “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he says. Then he paraphrases Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.” …AND MY FAVOURITE …“We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?””

Lacey:  “If they’re taking him off the air, then they should also ban all Catholic, Baptist, Jehova, etc. from the air. They also hate on gays, Atheists, etc.”

Someone stated here that he should not have said these things on TV, and promptly deleted their comment when I corrected them with the following.

ME: “1. it was not on TV. 2. he actually said nothing wrong. everything he said was taken out of context and misconstrued.”

Garvan: “what he said was matter what it was just wrong..that kind of thinking is something he should keep to him self or privacy of his own home. he must take responsablity for his hatefull choice of words. even you should be wise enough to understand that.” (note this was the ONLY comment he posted) 

ME: “nope. I believe in the freedom to express ones self. freedom of speech. freedom of life choice. basically FREEDOM.”, If you read what he “actually” said, there was nothing wrong. … watch this video …” (<<click the link to see the video I posted) 

Teagan: “A&E suspends him!? WTF! How hypocritical is that! How dare they! That network glorifies murder and bases most if their content on murder. How dare they pretend to take a moral stance.
I can’t help but to invoke the lyrics to Metallica’s song “eye of the beholder”.
To hell with “political correctness”! Next thing you know they’ll take our thoughts away.”, “Nothing he said was hateful. Even if it was, I would defend his right to express his belief. Even if I didn’t agree with it.”, “F**k the status quo and f**k towing the party line.”

A day later, with no other communication, I noticed that Garvan “unfriended” me. I was confused, so I confronted him and sent him a private message:

“Wow. I don’t know where deleting me came from. We have been friends for a very long time and I never thought of you as the type of person to “de-friend” someone just because they have a different point of view than you do. we have disagreed on many things over the years but never did I not consider you a friend. I am very disappointed in you Garvan. I thought you were a better person than that. People have different opinions and out takes on life. You should learn to accept that and move on. I am sorry if I offended you, however I do not apologize for expressing my opinion.”

His response was a simple “bye bye” That was it. The last I heard from him. My heart was broken but I still think of him from time to time … especially when controversial topics arise, when I will wonder “am I going to lose this friend too”?


I would like to point out that Duck Dynasty is still on the air … on A&E … Just saying.

I have friends of many different colours, races, sexes, ages,religions and sexual orientation. I have friends who do not agree with my beliefs. I have friends who have different political views than I have. I have friends who dress different than I do, listen to different music and raise their children a different way . Just because they are different does not make them wrong or bad, it makes them different than me. We are still friends (with the exception of Garvan of course).

(Hell, My boyfriend, Finn, has MANY different beliefs, opinions and views then I do… I still love him. Also, I raise my daughter, Kyia, to have her own opinion, views and beliefs… I secretly hope they are the same as mine, but, for the most part, I let her establish them herself, I simply guide her and inform her and encourage her to research and form her own opinion…and yes, she already has different opinions, likes, dislikes than I … like her listening to that horrible country music… ulgh… the brat)

We ALL have different opinions. We ALL have different beliefs. We ALL have different views. We ALL make different choices. Accept it and move on, or don’t and fuck off. It is your choice.

My opinion on the Burqa controversy.

Note **this blog and the one about losing a friend over difference of opinion were one blog, I have since separated them.

The Burqa. (When I say burqa throughout this blog, I am actually referring to both the burqa and the Niqab)

Now I am not an expert on the Quran or the Muslim faith, but I do try to research before I voice an opinion about something I am unfamiliar with. (TRY, sometimes I speak too soon, but not entirely in this case) (I have an opinion about the Quran in general, but I will not express that right now …mostly because I have not read it, nor have I researched it in it’s entirety, just pieces.) Right now, I am discussing the controversy of whether or not the burqa should be allowed in “our” country. I have been seeing the “ban The Burqa” petitions and the memes circulate like crazy over social media  and did a bit of research on the matter.

Let’s start with the different Muslim garments so you can identify which is in fact the burqa. I searched Many pages to correctly identify the difference between a hijab and a burqa and I found this photo from Burquas and Beer which seems to sum it up nicely. I would also like to add that I quite enjoyed Madinah’s thoughts, as a Muslim woman, on the garments. Respect.


From what I have read and understand here are some points/facts I have found and considered (please correct me if I am wrong on any of these points … correct me with proof!):

  • Currently there is a ban on face coverings at citizenship ceremonies
  • There is a women fighting to change this and make it so she can “swear in” with a face covering
  • She wants to change CANADIAN LAWS so she can become a CANADIAN.
  • She has won, but the Gov of Canada is appealing
  • There is no law banning face coverings in public
  • There is no law banning face coverings to VOTE.
  • You need ID, and to prove you are who you say you are, in order to (register to) vote, as long as you are not wearing a “religious face covering”.
  • You can not (register to) vote with a ski mask covering your face but you can with a burqa. (Update: apparently you can now)
  • There is no law banning face coverings in public SCHOOLS and DAYCARES
  • Some people consider the burqa a sign of oppression.
  • Some people find the “Ban on burqa’s” a sign of oppression
  • We are told the burqa is worn for religious reasons.
  • No where in the Quran does it state that the entire body needs to be covered.

Now I want you to keep in mind that (as stated before, and likely often in the future) I am a STRONG believer in freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, etc. But with anything, there must be limitations. For example if it is your choice to rape someone … that is unacceptable. The limitations of freedom are safety, and the laws should be fair to all. You do NOT have the freedom to physically or emotionally (although, emotionally, is a whole other topic what with the political correctness bull shit… fucking morons) harm someone or something in any way. This is where the line should be drawn. You see Your choice to live far outweighs another’s choice to kill you. Get it?

So my opinion on the Burqa, I do not think it should be allowed in public places. Hypocritical? Maybe. But here is why I think this way.

  1. A very MINOR concern (in MY opinion) is Safety (This seems to be the big issue with most people). My issue is not with the garments that allow your face in view (although I should state, I believe, If you are not allowed to wear a baseball cap (such as in court) you should not be allowed ANY other head dress (Hijab, habit, yarmulke or scarf). My issue is with the garments that hide your identity. Your face should always be visible in public places and establishments, such as shopping centres, government facilities, schools, parks and walking down the damn street, for the safety of everyone. (OK, Maybe not necessarily walking down the street, basically if you would have to remove a ski mask, or a winter scarf, you should NOT be allowed to wear a burqa). Or you can choose to stay out of those public places, stay in the privacy of your own home and property. That is Your Choice. You see, my extreme reasoning is, if the burqa is allowed, a murderer could throw one on, conceal his weapons, walk into a bank, shoot the place up and walk out. No one would ever know who did it, because he is hidden from the video surveillance due to the burqa, He is hidden from possible witnesses due to the burqa. He just got away with murder and will do it again, all because it was assumed he was simply a Muslim woman. Sure this is out there and among the worst case scenarios. But it could happen. 
  2. My Main, concern is Fairness. Do you think it is fair that if one person were to walk into a bank on a cold day wearing a ski-mask that they are asked to remove it by security or asked to leave, but another concealing their identity “for religious reasons” is ok. Do you think it is fair that a person concealing their identity with a ski mask enter a school with your children, they are asked to remove it or leave (or cops are called) but if a person enters enters a school concealing their identity due to their religion, this is ok? I do not. I do not think this is fair AT ALL.

Below photo found at Ban the Burqa worldwide Facebook page


Why are you not allowed to wear a ski mask into these public places? THAT is why you should not be allowed to wear a burqa. YES, I am comparing a burqa to a ski mask, because a face covering is a face covering. Religion has nothing to do with it. Equality is Equality. If you want to be treated as an equal, then act as an equal. follow the rules that apply to all.

There is no reason on this planet (that I can think of) that a person should even wear a burqa. NONE.

I was once told, by a Canadian Muslim, that they (Muslim women) might wear the burqa because they are not beautiful and do not want to be judged (I swear, true story)… What the fuck!? how the hell is this religion? This is a self esteem and possibly a pride issue and needs to be addressed by a counsellor of some sort. For fuck sake… This person then went on to complain about Canadians and their racist opinion of Muslims …  umm I am concerned about safety and expressed my opinion on an article of clothing … which of us is “racist” here? For the record, My opinion of Muslims is that they are people with beliefs. I am a person with beliefs. Black people are people with beliefs. Catholics are people with beliefs. Gays are people with beliefs. Russians are people with beliefs. I do not give a rats ass who you are. I dislike everyone equally. A human is a human. Period. I do not judge on race, colour, sexuality, religion, age or whether or not you agree with me. I will judge you on whether or not you are a stupid fucking asshole.

Some might say “the Quran says so” … Uh … no it doesn’t!  What the Quran in fact says is:

“Cover your chest” (24:31);
“Lengthen your garments” (33:59)
“The best garment is righteousness and modest conduct.”(7:26)

Nowhere in the Quran does it explicitly say women must cover themselves from head to toe, not showing their face and conceal their identity from society. The Quran instructs men and women to dress and behave modestly in society. Period.

I am curious as to whether or not this women trying to change Canadian laws is “behaving modestly” …

Also … Why the fuck would you want to? Do women actually WANT to wear these garments for themselves? Are they being forced to by their “men”? Do they wear them out of fear? I don’t get it personally.

So there it is. Do I think “we” should “Ban the Burqa”? Only in public facilities. If you can wear a ski mask, you can wear a burqa. If you are “not allowed” to wear a ski mask … then remove your burqa. If you are asked to remove your face covering in an establishment, then either remove it or leave. Simple as that. Don’t go crying to the courts to have our fucking laws changed.

Do I think Our laws, culture and way of life should be changed to accommodate outsiders? FUCK NO! Adapt or go away!

I have friends of many different colours, races, sexes, ages,religions and sexual orientation. I have friends who do not agree with my beliefs. I have friends who have different political views than I have. I have friends who dress different than I do, listen to different music and raise their children a different way . Just because they are different does not make them wrong or bad, it makes them different than me. We are still friends (with the exception of Garvan of course).

(Hell, My boyfriend, Finn, has MANY different beliefs, opinions and views then I do… I still love him. Also, I raise my daughter, Kyia, to have her own opinion, views and beliefs… I secretly hope they are the same as mine, but, for the most part, I let her establish them herself, I simply guide her and inform her and encourage her to research and form her own opinion…and yes, she already has different opinions, likes, dislikes than I … like her listening to that horrible country music… ulgh… the brat)

We ALL have different opinions. We ALL have different beliefs. We ALL have different views. We ALL make different choices. Accept it and move on, or don’t and fuck off. It is your choice.