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Can I work this like a journal? Home

Home. What is home? Until about a couple weeks ago, I thought home was where you came from and where your family is. I do not believe this any longer.

I went “Home” recently to realize that that was not my home. My family (most of them… there are exceptions to every rule, right?) is horrible and the city is trash. I hated it. That visit/vacation was the worst week I have had in a very long time. High levels stress and low levels of fun and relaxing.

I moved away with my daughter 1-2 years ago (it was a complicated, long story of a move). We ended up in this city that we enjoy just over a year ago. I have friends, Daughter has friends, we are happy. This is home now. Home is where you are happy. This is my new belief. Home is not where you are from. Home is where you are happy.