ça c’est moi

I was born in the year of the Dragon

acrimonious: characterized by bitterness or sharpness of manner, speech, temper,etc

 What can I say about myself? Apparently I should say something to intrigue you, to entice you to like my page and follow my blog… but I have nothing spectacular to say.
So 27 random things about me … and go …
  1. I am a mommy. And as said by most moms, I love my daughter more than life itself.
  2. I have Anxiety disorder. I suffer daily (and by daily I mean 24/7) from knots in my tummy, feeling of puking and head full of “stuffs”. Stress is a constant and sleep is a rarity.
  3. I am anti-social. I really really really really really really really really really really really really dislike people. Sure I have a select group of people I would call friends, but I find the majority of people I meet irritating, unintelligent and have no common sense.
  4. No-One TRULY knows me. I act tougher than I really am. I hide the fact that inside I am filled with an upheaval of emotional drama. It is funny though how many people “think” they know me, yet are more far off than anyone. The thing is the person I was is no where near the person I am. Sometimes…I don’t even know myself.
  5. I find humour in just about everything. No really, the more inappropriate, the more I will laugh.
  6. My 3 favourite animals rhyme. Cat, Rat, Bat.
  7. I am Proud to be Canadian but not proud of Canada. (well what I mean is I am not proud of the Canada our current PM is “destroying” and I am not proud that “Canadians” vote him in due to lack of intelligence and knowledge)
  8. I hate pickles more than any food item on this planet. Seriously, if a pickle even comes near my food I will refuse to eat the food.
  9. My Family Sucks. My parents are separated (for over 35 yrs) and still hate each other more than GoT fans hate Joffrey. They both did things wrong (one more so than the other but I will not get into that here) and I accept them as they are. Of My 4 siblings, 3 are .. well read-on: 1. Bree – Obsessive Compulsive Control Freak who truly believes she is the center of the universe and that everyone should bend over backwards to please her. If you do not obey her command she WILL disown you or cut you out of her life. 2. Gracie – Influential Dumbass. She thinks Bree walks on water. she has no mind of her own. Two people control her like a puppet: Her husband and Bree. 3. Lana – Bipolar Compulsive Lier Drug Addict. Need I say more?
  10. I have 5 moms. Yup. My biological mother, 2 aunts (1 paternal and 1 paternal in-law), My Grandmother and the mother of my best friend (since we were 8!). I call them all Mom (well my grandmother, I call Nanny). They all had a BIG part in raising me.
  11. I pronounce it aunt … rhymes with taunt, flaunt, Jaunt, haunt, Vermont… because that is how it is spelled, if it was to be pronounced like the bug it would be spelled ant.
  12. I only used to be a chatty person. I now hate to talk. I am disgusted with small talk. I despise talking about feelings. I dislike “deep” conversations…. But I could write it all out in a novel… a really big novel …
  13. I more often than not have multiple opinions on one topic. Some of these opinions could even be considered opposites … Sometimes I just “see things from more then one angle” Other times I am dead set/hardheaded with an opinion that cannot be changed or persuaded.
  14. Some of My favs:  Movie – The Princess Bride. Book – To Kill a Mocking Bird. TV – oh crud … so many, choose just one? ummm…Supernatural. Stream – Critical Role. Person – Other than my daughter…. Felicia Day! Colour – Deep Reds. Food – Chicken Wings.
  15. I am stubborn. (See # 13 – opinions are 1 thing, decisions are another!). When I have my mind set. It is set. There is no change mind button.
  16. I only truly “hate” 3 people. I have a strong dislike for many though.
  17. I am very independent. I like to pay my own way. I like to do my own things.
  18. I have a delusional obsession with a celebrity. (It is not stalker level, It is just all in my head).
  19. I cry. A lot. happy, sad, angry, scared? I cry. As I age, my emotion are going haywire. I cry.
  20. I like to help. I am always the helper. I have been down and out and have had help. Now I pay it forward.
  21. I am disgusted by people who brag about the “good deeds” they do. Doing something to make you look good, is NOT a good deed in my books. I do A LOT of good deeds, and I tell no-one…well sometimes I will tell my daughter or if it was something really cool I might tell a friend or 2, not to “look good” but because it is a cool story to share… and even then, I share with a friend or 2. Once. Not all over social media, daily, making sure the whole world knows how awesome and good and kind I am. ARG.
  22. I swear. A Lot. I could make a sailor blush with some of the language that comes out of my mouth. I may or may not express this language throughout my blog. But be warned … it could be there … a lot.
  23. My favorite pastimes include playing D&D, watching the cast of Critical Role play D&D, Re-watching my fav movies and TV Shows also Reading (to name but a few). And my worst pastime … spending money when my emotions are escalated… on a new outfit a present for Kyia, or new dice.. oooh I need new Dice!
  24. I used to drink 4-5 coffee a day. I switched from Coffee to Matcha after some tummy problems put me on a bland diet for 6 months. I still have a small coffee on random and tiresome days … maybe once a month or so.
  25. I have been depressed for over a year. I don’t take medication for it, I don’t tell anyone. I hide it and push through. But I am terrified that one day I will just collapse and not be able to hide it anymore…
  26. I Obsess over some things. I NEED to have something to distract my wandering thoughts in an effort to keep me (somewhat) sane …So I Obsess.
  27. I am me. That is all.
**most recently updated 2017-04-15 But Still Under construction***

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