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You are the problem

Saw this one that a few of my friends posted on their facebook page (or a similar message) recently and it got me quite riled up.

if you don't, I won't

FIRST of all, if this is how “you” feel, and/or if “you” need to say this, and/or if “you’ do this or act like this… then the reason “we” don’t talk anymore,  is “YOU”. You are simply a foolish egotistical jackass who does not deserve “my” friendship. (I am using you, we and I/my/me generically)

Second, all this is saying is the person posting it is a whinny ignorant spoiled brat stating “if you don’t have to, then neither do I”, like a damn 3 year old. Seriously say the following out loud with that nasty, snotty childish tone in your voice “fine then, I am not your friend anymore“. Did you say it out loud? You sounded like a fucking idiot, just like that “meme”/”quote” sounds when you post it, as that is essentially what you are saying.

Third, just because he is an asshole doesn’t mean you need to be one, just because she is a snob doesn’t mean you need to be one, just because they hate doesn’t mean you should. Just because one person is not personable doesn’t mean you should be too. Some people are not a “people person” Some people are not social. Some people are hermits. Some people have social anxiety. Some people are extreme introverts. Some people NEED other people to contact them as they just “can’t” for one reason or another.

My 12 year old daughter’s father says something like this to her. Something along the lines of “Well, you never call me either.” REALLY!!! You are her father, the parent, you childish sack of shit (the deadbeat has been saying this since she was 3)!! I better not get started on the deadbeat, he is a whole other story and a lot of venting and ranting.

I, over the years, have gone from an extrovert to an extreme introvert with high social anxiety. I do NOT contact anyone as I “should”, according to social standards. But I am not a complete shut-in and if you call, I will (sometimes) talk (especially if it is urgent), if you invite me, I will often go, If you text, I will answer. People drain me and wear me down. Interactions often cause me panic and anxiety attacks. Some people (Myself included) need to mentally prepare themselves for even the smallest of interactions. A simple phone call can put me into complete shut-down mode. A minor change in plans can ruin a whole day. A surprise visit could shut me in for days to recover. (I say can and could, as it may not always happen, but it has and likely will again).

So think about this, the next time you are acting like a selfish, spoiled child … Perhaps the person is not contacting you because they have an illness and they just cannot, perhaps they need you and you are too wrapped up in your own self-entitlement to inquire and care, perhaps they are having panic attacks right now, wondering why you won’t call, perhaps there is anxiety rising at this moment as the person is worrying about what they did wrong to make you not care … or perhaps the person is not contacting you because they realized you are a self-centred, narcissistic cunt.

IF you care about a person, YOU will contact them, whether they call you or not, whether they return your calls or not, whether you “hang out” or not … unless your both filled with social anxiety and have trouble socializing, in which case, it will happen as it happens and NEITHER of you will stop caring… But that is a whole other situation.


Do your Homework before purchasing expensive cosmetics from pushy, yet smooth talking salesmen!!


Adore Organics Innovations Kiosk, Market Mall, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, March 30, 2016. I was lucky enough to be broke that day and the sales guy almost made me feel guilty for being broke (like being unemployed doesn’t make me feel bad enough!). As soon as I walked away I snapped out of it and then decided to do a little research on the company and here is what happened during my visit …

As I walked by the Adore product Kiosk, the lovely, young, and handsome man started to offer me a sample, I specifically said, “no, thank you, I am not interested” as I do every time I am at the mall (been burned before by these kiosks), they are consistent and pushy, to reel me (or you) in, the very smooth talking “Brazilian” (He was NOT Brazilian, pretty sure he was Israeli, DAMN sure he was Israeli), commented on my reebok sneakers “oh where did you get your sneakers, my sister has been looking for reeboks all over and cannot find them. May I take a picture to show her?” I figured this was harmless enough so I agreed. He of course immediately started “chatting me up” and prying for information (after getting a pretty good chunk of back history, he said I reminded him of his sister, who was also a struggling single mom and my skin was exactly like his girlfriends used to be until she started using Adore products (note that the girlfriend did not come up until I mentioned boyfriend, these people are smooth and manipulative and will “pretend” to be single or in a relationship or whatever based on what you tell them)) and eventually (after many compliments, and life comparisons) had me convinced to sit and have a free sample and consult (He never did take that picture of my shoes).

The chair is set in the kiosk so that you are “trapped” in a very small space, Counter space on either side of you and your sales person “blocking you from the front side, making it so you cannot easily leave.
He started with an exfoliating facial mask on my left cheek and talked and talked about its “benefits” and “healthy properties” and that it is organic and natural and made with diamond dust and something about gold flakes and so on. Continuously commenting on my skin, complimenting me and keeping up the personal talk and questions. He informed me that the price is $400 but I can have it for $200. I informed him that I cannot afford these products. But he moved in closer and continued to introduced a facial milk that he put on the back of my right hand, and again stated all the benefits and such, this product was $200 and I could have it for $159, I stated “I still cannot afford these things, I was laid off a few months back and am living on EI, My EI check does not come in until next week, perhaps I will come back then.” He said that this was his last day, because he was going to Vancouver, but he would give me his business card and I could call him anytime and he would arrange a deal for me. Ok. As I started to get up, he brought out the lotion, And subtly forced me back to sitting, telling me how beautiful my skin was and how much I needed to protect it with this beautiful product (I have bad skin by the way, oily, red blotches here and there, constant breakouts when I am under stress, age spots here and there and so on). He put the lotion on each cheek to show how much better it absorbs if I use the exfoliating mask first … I didn’t clue into the trick here, but …
When he did the same on my hands to show me how much better it absorbs after using the “milk” I caught it.
1. He puts twice as much on the non-treated hand.
2. On the treated hand, he very quickly, and subtly wipes most of it off and then “rubs in” a fraction of the amount put on while on the non-treated hand he not only “rubbed in” the amount he originally put on but he also uses the amount he pulled off the other hand leaving the lotion not fully absorbed.
This product is normally $200 and I can have it for $99. I remind him that I still have no money.

He pulled out his phone to show me some before and after pictures of some of his “personal” customers, he showed me pictures of 4 different people, before and then the 4 weeks later … Funny thing is, all 4 of them had the exact hair style, pose and clothes in both their before and after photos … suspicious? Photoshop? I say definitely!
This process continued (for 45 minutes!) until the $400 exfoliating mask was only $49… for me only, just today and I had to keep it secret and never tell anyone. I once again (for the 7th or 8th time at this point) reminded him that I am broke until I receive my EI next week, but if he gave me his card, I would come back next week and purchase the exfoliating mask. His response blew me away, he very coldly and “snippy” says, as he FINALLY stepped out of my way, “I just remembered, I do not have any business cards left“ and then he turned away from me. This man went from the sweetest, most personable attentive man to the coldest and rudest in a microsecond. If there was ever a chance that I would purchase an Adore product, not only is that chance gone forever, but I will make it a point to share my story with anyone and everyone to make sure they lose business! I was disgusted with their conniving tactics.

These sneaky people make you feel like you are the center of the world, they make you feel like you need to give them your money, they make you feel like you cannot leave without spending a lot of money on worthless products. They lie, manipulate and scam you. They pressure you. They are bullies!

As I mentioned above, As I left, I decided to look into them …. And then after hours and hours of research into this company I have concluded, THEY ARE A SCAM!! Their whole outfit seems to be fraudulent! This seems to be part of a “ring” of Israeli “kiosk companies” that prey on “innocent” and “naive” people. Their staff are “allegedly” working illegally and they are “allegedly” laundering money back to Israel … WTF!!  Their are THOUSANDS of “pages” regarding these companies, and their BAD businesses. Go Google that shit!!

Side Note “they” did get me a couple times. I still have my “$600” Royale hair straightener that I got at an amazing price of only $300, 3 years ago from a kiosk at the Deerfoot Mall. It is an OK straightener that I only use once in a blue moon (maybe once every couple months), but worth that much money? Hell No!!! Does it work as well as the one the salesman used on my hair to make the sale? Hell No!!! They got me another time and conned me into purchasing a very expensive Seacret nail care kit for about half price, I do not recall exact prices of the nail kit as it was 7 or 8 (or more) years ago. They offered “free replacement nail files for life” … uh NOPE! Not even one replacement!! Their “verbal” agreement was a crock of shit. A short time later, they are gone from that location…surprise, surprise.


Click The Links for more horror stories, most worse than mine….

Note: Sister/parent/similar companies found (by me) so far: Adore Organic Innovation, Deep Sea Industries, Deep Sea Cosmetics, Adore cosmetics, Gold Elements, Vine Vera, Oro Gold, Royale Hair Straighteners, Forever flawless, Seacret, Ahava, the list goes on and on!! Make a note and keep in mind that the company names change often.

When reading reviews, remember that I would bet my life that most, if not ALL, of the “positive” reviews are “paid for” and/or fake. Their stuff rarely works (as well as they claim) and is NOT worth the money they ask for!!

Shameful Tactics: Read the comments too! No Refunds on high end, top of the line “guaranteed” products?

Complaints board: these seem to be all from Las Vegas but still the same company … all over North America (all over the world?)

Wikileaks info on Adore’s Parent (or sister) Company – Fraudulent company?

Wikileaks in Depth: Dead Sea cosmetics fraud

Scam artists in Las Vegas … Italy? I was told their crap was made in Miami

They Scare away customers of nearby stores:

Scandal Exposed!

PLEASE!!!!Do your homework before making expensive purchases!