Even the strongest of women have weak moments

How Stupid can a man be?


A woman who is just about 5′ 10″, 150 lbs, comfortably wears clothing sized 9-10 (one should also note that the AVERAGE size of an American woman is 14) and is typically described as tall and thin says to her Significant other while looking at shirts secretly feeling mildly insecure about her size (the belly fat has been getting to her). “I hate how things are sized these days. I take a large in shirts and I do not think I am a very large woman. I think I should be a medium maybe a small, ok maybe not small, but medium for sure. I am not very large. But Everything I wear is Large and Extra-Large.”

Man says: Yes you are, your what? 5’9, 5’10?

Woman says: I don’t mean large in height, I am talking about shirts, I am not a large woman, I should fit a medium comfortably.

Idiot Man: Yes you are, I have dated woman who were this tall (holds hand to a height of about 5 feet) and this small, (holds hands out about 8-10 inches apart) they are small. You are definitely large.

Woman getting highly annoyed repeats: I am NOT a large woman, I am tall, but not Large. If you think about all the people, on average I am NOT large.

Man looking for death says: But you are. What about all the tiny Asians and Philippinos they are small, You’re Large compared to them.

The man continues like this as the woman slips into silence. The eyes glare, the lips tighten, the face reddens, the voice completely disappears…

Woman silently walks away, to avoid killing man. She hides in room for hour to calm herself and talk herself out of this insecurity she is having, Trying desperately to keep from crying, repeatedly telling herself: “You are not fat, you are not large.” And then the self conversation begins … He is a dumbass. As a dumbass, he has no clue what he is talking about. You are not large. Why the hell did he compare your size to other women he has dated? Is he not happy with your size? Screw him. He is an idiot and completely brainless. Why the hell did he not just say “No honey, you are not large” or better yet simply shut up, smile, and nod, that numbskull!! Does he actually think you are fat? Where the hell is his common sense? Why the hell did he continue to call me large even after I started getting upset … could he not see that I was getting annoyed and angry? Am I fat? Maybe I am a “large” woman. I am NOT large. He is the dumbest man I know! Why the hell could he not just shut the hell up. I am not big. He has no idea what he is saying and is a dolt. Ignore him. I am not large. An hour of this and the woman emerges, back to normal. (unlike the “typical” woman, this chick, does not (normally) dwell on shit and hold grudges)

Let us continue this little story with a step back … the man had to be somewhere within an hour and a half of the beginning of this “chat”and while hiding in her room, avoiding the man, the woman lost track of time. When she came out of the room with the things he needed to bring with him, he was pissed off and cranky. She can only assume this was because he had but 30 minutes to get to where he needed to be. So … As usual, she is the bad guy!

You just ruined your woman’s day and you have no fucking clue. Congratulations.

Why are men so clueless to the emotions of women? Why are men so insensitive to the feelings of a woman. How is it that after thousands of years, men still have no common sense when it comes to women? Why? I get it that men don’t “understand” women .. hell, neither do I! but seriously, since when has common sense and respect left the picture?

Boys. Choose your words carefully. Even the strongest of women have weak moments and you might fuck with her emotions without even knowing it. When she shuts up .. it is probably best you shut the fuck up too. Better yet .. Don’t ever tell your woman she is large!! For Fuck sake … put that on the list of things that should be common sense! OK guys, Here are (some of) the common sense rules as may apply to this post.  (and this goes for girls too… [The words man and woman can be, and should be  used interchangeably] ).

  1. Do NOT say or imply that your woman is fat, ugly, scrawny, plain, average, or ANY word or combination of words that might make her feel less than she is. If she is not PERFECT to you, then you are with the wrong woman. Let her go NOW, so she can find someone who WILL respect her.
  2. NEVER EVER Belittle your lover!
  3. Do NOT EVER compare your woman to any other woman!! EVER. In ANY way! (Unless you are telling her she is better than said other woman…but safest bet is to just leave ALL other woman OUT of the picture.
  4. If she suddenly clams up … shut your god-damned mouth and stop talking. Also, this may be a good time to start apologizing!!  
  5. If She is smart enough to walk away as opposed to yelling at, screaming at, swinging at or killing you, leave her the hell alone until SHE feels calm enough to emerge.
  6. Don’t You dare get cranky after YOU act like an Ass!!! This makes you a bigger asshole!!
  7. Wake the fuck up. Respect your woman. Open your eyes and pay attention to the facial expressions that you are definitely getting!!

Please note* I have not edited this … this post is raw emotion that I may edit at another time.


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