Don’t be a douche bag troll

Before I jump into a conversation I saw between a friend and a troll let me just state:

I do not believe myself to be a troll. I WILL argue/debate for what I believe. Arguing/debating about what you believe is NOT trolling. Trolling is commenting purposely to piss people off. Now, I have had arguments that have resulted in my way of thinking being changed, sometimes to agree with the person arguing and sometimes in an all new direction and I have had arguments/debates in which I stood my ground. Speaking your beliefs is not trolling. commenting lies and bullshit to cause a person to get emotional and/or heated is trolling.

What do you think of the below screen shot conversation? … (click image to enlarge). By the way, I should mention  … I looked into this guy (the Troll), he does not work for the federal government or anything even remotely government or safety related. I have to side with the friend on this one. Blue is a troll.

Black: Friend who posted
Olive: Friend 
Blue: Troll

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