Happy Hallow’s Eve

Halloween. Hallowe’en. All Hallows Eve(ning). Hallowed Eve(ning). Holy Eve(ning).


However you say it, it is the day of Trick or treating, collecting candy from strangers homes, dressing up in (supposedly) frightening costumes (Let’s face it there are a lot of princesses and “sexy Nurse” costumes out there), visiting haunted houses, having spine-chilling Halloween parties, and frightening the bejeebies out of people. (to name a few). It is a day and night of horrifying fun!

I am not going to get into all the Halloween history and lore, although I do find it interesting, it is likely you will not and there is sooo much (if you think you might, feel free to do some research on it. Wikipedia is a good place to start as this will give you a nice summary).

I want to do some Halloween complaining and etiquette info after seeing all the over-protective parents whining about Halloween traditions and being lured in by scare tactics.

Now Remember, I live in Canada. Snow and freezing temperatures on October 31st would not be unusual in some areas. Well, I actually saw someone complain (on a social media site) about the cold temperatures and stated that the kids should go out earlier when it is warmer … Ummmm…. If some of these kids stopped dressing in “adult” costumes and put some damn clothes on, dressing as CANADIAN CHILDREN should, they wouldn’t need to go out while it is warmer.

Another irritating complaint: It is too dark for the Children to go out after dinner … When I was a kid, we didn’t go trick or treating until it started to get dark and we ate dinner first. I mean, really, Isn’t that part of the fun? Being out in the dark, slightly scared and overly excited of what the night will bring. The darkness is part of the ambience. It is part of what makes Halloween. Every year I see kids out earlier and earlier and it mildly annoys me. I do not answer my door before 5 … if it is a Mon-Fri, a lot of people are likely not even home before 5 … another reason to wait until AFTER dinner, the more people home, the more candy! Yay!

Heard complaint 3: People give kids the scary drugs that look like candy. This is the one that REALLY annoys me. Really? are you that “gullible” that you believe someone would hand out thousands of dollars in drugs over a few bucks worth of candy? Drugs are expensive! Each one of those candy looking pills cost 20, 30 40 maybe even 50 dollars each. Do you give each child hundreds of dollars in candy? Nope. Then it is unlikely that some dealer is going to throw away all of his drugs. Don’t get me wrong, always check your children’s candy for tampering before you let them eat it. Sadly there are psychopaths out there. It is Highly unlikely that any of the candy has been tampered with (See this story for a sum up) in anyway but better to check it anyway as it has happened

If the parents want an early/safe/warm trick or treating experience for their bubble wrapped children there are (typically) malls and other places that do an early and/or inside trick or treat. Do that and stop your whining.

So … Eat your dinner first,


buy (or make) your (kids) costumes big enough to fit over a snowsuit 

Picture courtesy of disneystore.com

and wear reflective gear/bright colours


or and/or carry a flashlight/Glowstick


And have a Happy and safe Halloween!!


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