My opinion on the Burqa controversy.

Note **this blog and the one about losing a friend over difference of opinion were one blog, I have since separated them.

The Burqa. (When I say burqa throughout this blog, I am actually referring to both the burqa and the Niqab)

Now I am not an expert on the Quran or the Muslim faith, but I do try to research before I voice an opinion about something I am unfamiliar with. (TRY, sometimes I speak too soon, but not entirely in this case) (I have an opinion about the Quran in general, but I will not express that right now …mostly because I have not read it, nor have I researched it in it’s entirety, just pieces.) Right now, I am discussing the controversy of whether or not the burqa should be allowed in “our” country. I have been seeing the “ban The Burqa” petitions and the memes circulate like crazy over social media  and did a bit of research on the matter.

Let’s start with the different Muslim garments so you can identify which is in fact the burqa. I searched Many pages to correctly identify the difference between a hijab and a burqa and I found this photo from Burquas and Beer which seems to sum it up nicely. I would also like to add that I quite enjoyed Madinah’s thoughts, as a Muslim woman, on the garments. Respect.


From what I have read and understand here are some points/facts I have found and considered (please correct me if I am wrong on any of these points … correct me with proof!):

  • Currently there is a ban on face coverings at citizenship ceremonies
  • There is a women fighting to change this and make it so she can “swear in” with a face covering
  • She wants to change CANADIAN LAWS so she can become a CANADIAN.
  • She has won, but the Gov of Canada is appealing
  • There is no law banning face coverings in public
  • There is no law banning face coverings to VOTE.
  • You need ID, and to prove you are who you say you are, in order to (register to) vote, as long as you are not wearing a “religious face covering”.
  • You can not (register to) vote with a ski mask covering your face but you can with a burqa. (Update: apparently you can now)
  • There is no law banning face coverings in public SCHOOLS and DAYCARES
  • Some people consider the burqa a sign of oppression.
  • Some people find the “Ban on burqa’s” a sign of oppression
  • We are told the burqa is worn for religious reasons.
  • No where in the Quran does it state that the entire body needs to be covered.

Now I want you to keep in mind that (as stated before, and likely often in the future) I am a STRONG believer in freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, etc. But with anything, there must be limitations. For example if it is your choice to rape someone … that is unacceptable. The limitations of freedom are safety, and the laws should be fair to all. You do NOT have the freedom to physically or emotionally (although, emotionally, is a whole other topic what with the political correctness bull shit… fucking morons) harm someone or something in any way. This is where the line should be drawn. You see Your choice to live far outweighs another’s choice to kill you. Get it?

So my opinion on the Burqa, I do not think it should be allowed in public places. Hypocritical? Maybe. But here is why I think this way.

  1. A very MINOR concern (in MY opinion) is Safety (This seems to be the big issue with most people). My issue is not with the garments that allow your face in view (although I should state, I believe, If you are not allowed to wear a baseball cap (such as in court) you should not be allowed ANY other head dress (Hijab, habit, yarmulke or scarf). My issue is with the garments that hide your identity. Your face should always be visible in public places and establishments, such as shopping centres, government facilities, schools, parks and walking down the damn street, for the safety of everyone. (OK, Maybe not necessarily walking down the street, basically if you would have to remove a ski mask, or a winter scarf, you should NOT be allowed to wear a burqa). Or you can choose to stay out of those public places, stay in the privacy of your own home and property. That is Your Choice. You see, my extreme reasoning is, if the burqa is allowed, a murderer could throw one on, conceal his weapons, walk into a bank, shoot the place up and walk out. No one would ever know who did it, because he is hidden from the video surveillance due to the burqa, He is hidden from possible witnesses due to the burqa. He just got away with murder and will do it again, all because it was assumed he was simply a Muslim woman. Sure this is out there and among the worst case scenarios. But it could happen. 
  2. My Main, concern is Fairness. Do you think it is fair that if one person were to walk into a bank on a cold day wearing a ski-mask that they are asked to remove it by security or asked to leave, but another concealing their identity “for religious reasons” is ok. Do you think it is fair that a person concealing their identity with a ski mask enter a school with your children, they are asked to remove it or leave (or cops are called) but if a person enters enters a school concealing their identity due to their religion, this is ok? I do not. I do not think this is fair AT ALL.

Below photo found at Ban the Burqa worldwide Facebook page


Why are you not allowed to wear a ski mask into these public places? THAT is why you should not be allowed to wear a burqa. YES, I am comparing a burqa to a ski mask, because a face covering is a face covering. Religion has nothing to do with it. Equality is Equality. If you want to be treated as an equal, then act as an equal. follow the rules that apply to all.

There is no reason on this planet (that I can think of) that a person should even wear a burqa. NONE.

I was once told, by a Canadian Muslim, that they (Muslim women) might wear the burqa because they are not beautiful and do not want to be judged (I swear, true story)… What the fuck!? how the hell is this religion? This is a self esteem and possibly a pride issue and needs to be addressed by a counsellor of some sort. For fuck sake… This person then went on to complain about Canadians and their racist opinion of Muslims …  umm I am concerned about safety and expressed my opinion on an article of clothing … which of us is “racist” here? For the record, My opinion of Muslims is that they are people with beliefs. I am a person with beliefs. Black people are people with beliefs. Catholics are people with beliefs. Gays are people with beliefs. Russians are people with beliefs. I do not give a rats ass who you are. I dislike everyone equally. A human is a human. Period. I do not judge on race, colour, sexuality, religion, age or whether or not you agree with me. I will judge you on whether or not you are a stupid fucking asshole.

Some might say “the Quran says so” … Uh … no it doesn’t!  What the Quran in fact says is:

“Cover your chest” (24:31);
“Lengthen your garments” (33:59)
“The best garment is righteousness and modest conduct.”(7:26)

Nowhere in the Quran does it explicitly say women must cover themselves from head to toe, not showing their face and conceal their identity from society. The Quran instructs men and women to dress and behave modestly in society. Period.

I am curious as to whether or not this women trying to change Canadian laws is “behaving modestly” …

Also … Why the fuck would you want to? Do women actually WANT to wear these garments for themselves? Are they being forced to by their “men”? Do they wear them out of fear? I don’t get it personally.

So there it is. Do I think “we” should “Ban the Burqa”? Only in public facilities. If you can wear a ski mask, you can wear a burqa. If you are “not allowed” to wear a ski mask … then remove your burqa. If you are asked to remove your face covering in an establishment, then either remove it or leave. Simple as that. Don’t go crying to the courts to have our fucking laws changed.

Do I think Our laws, culture and way of life should be changed to accommodate outsiders? FUCK NO! Adapt or go away!

I have friends of many different colours, races, sexes, ages,religions and sexual orientation. I have friends who do not agree with my beliefs. I have friends who have different political views than I have. I have friends who dress different than I do, listen to different music and raise their children a different way . Just because they are different does not make them wrong or bad, it makes them different than me. We are still friends (with the exception of Garvan of course).

(Hell, My boyfriend, Finn, has MANY different beliefs, opinions and views then I do… I still love him. Also, I raise my daughter, Kyia, to have her own opinion, views and beliefs… I secretly hope they are the same as mine, but, for the most part, I let her establish them herself, I simply guide her and inform her and encourage her to research and form her own opinion…and yes, she already has different opinions, likes, dislikes than I … like her listening to that horrible country music… ulgh… the brat)

We ALL have different opinions. We ALL have different beliefs. We ALL have different views. We ALL make different choices. Accept it and move on, or don’t and fuck off. It is your choice.


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