Opinions are different … Am I a hypocrite for these 2 opinions?

**Edited I separated these 2 stories as they were so different. **

Losing a friend over a difference of opinion


My opinion on the Burqa controversy.

Do I think Our laws, culture and way of life should be changed to accommodate outsiders? FUCK NO! Adapt or go away!

I have friends of many different colours, races, sexes, ages,religions and sexual orientation. I have friends who do not agree with my beliefs. I have friends who have different political views than I have. I have friends who dress different than I do, listen to different music and raise their children a different way . Just because they are different does not make them wrong or bad, it makes them different than me. We are still friends (with the exception of Garvan of course).

(Hell, My boyfriend, Finn, has MANY different beliefs, opinions and views then I do… I still love him. Also, I raise my daughter, Kyia, to have her own opinion, views and beliefs… I secretly hope they are the same as mine, but, for the most part, I let her establish them herself, I simply guide her and inform her and encourage her to research and form her own opinion…and yes, she already has different opinions, likes, dislikes than I … like her listening to that horrible country music… ulgh… the brat)

We ALL have different opinions. We ALL have different beliefs. We ALL have different views. We ALL make different choices. Accept it and move on, or don’t and fuck off. It is your choice.


2 thoughts on “Opinions are different … Am I a hypocrite for these 2 opinions?

  1. as far as God is concerned … He gave us his God given right to choose for ourselves what we do or do not do, say, believe, etc…… it is HIS right to pass judgement NOT ours, saying that ….. we are still human and are ALL sinful, it is easy to fall into sin by judging whether or not this one or that religion or that way of life or sexual orientation is right or wrong…..It is not up to us to decide this though, it is up to God. Being Gay is not a sin according to the bible … the act of gay sex is, actually the act of any sex outside of Marriage is. Wearing a burqa is not the issue of religion …. it is ( according to what I understand and I may be wrong about this ) the issue of what a person vows to God … to wear it in modesty … I for one would NOT want to break my promise to GOD just to appease a nation of fearful people. I would be more fearful of what God would do to me if I did break a promise to Him. Having said that I would not move to a Country that would not approve of my vow unless it was impossible for me to live in my own Country safely … I would rather face disapproval by a nation than face certain death by my own Nation. Since we know that living in these Muslim Countries are very dangerous then we should be more tolerant of Muslims who are moving away from them. Why not instead of forcing someone to break their promise to God why don’t we try to find an acceptable solution to all involved … it is called compromise people, are not the women wearing Burqa’s able to go into a private room with a woman and reveal herself … why not do this at official places. Since we all wear scarves all winter covering our faces out in public, I think it unreasonable of us to expect Muslim women to unwrap their face while out in public anytime. Just my own opinion.


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