A Happy Post … My Daughter

My Daughter, Kyia.hugs
11 Years old at the time of this post.

This young lady is the love of my life.
From the moment she was born she has put the sparkle in my eye with the sparkle in hers.
So What can I say about her to describe her. The proper words elude me, and I may bounce all over the place, but let us see what I can come up with.

Kyia is: Beautiful, kind, spirited, thoughtful, courageous, smart, courteous, soft spoken, loving, stubborn, sentimental, stunning, bright, playful, silly, warm, sincere, intelligent, respectful, picky, cool, funny, polite, helpful, sweet, friendly, comical, clumsy, popular, obsessive, weird, fabulous, well-behaved, spoiled, emotional, happy, talented, quiet, giving, artistic, fun, brilliant, tall, inspiring, and interesting, to name a few.

Kyia loves kitties, and animals in general.
She loves children and babies.
She loves movies and music and books and life.
She likes to draw and paint and craft.
She enjoys cooking and eating.
She loves her family and her friends.
She wants to live a long healthy life by trying to eat healthy and exercise.
She has wanted to be a paleontologist, an artist, a musician, a veterinarian, a teacher, and to work in her favourite store(s) for the discount.
She has loved and lost at such a young age.
She has had her blanket and a special stuffy since she was an infant.
She likes to shop and hang at the mall.
She loves camping and vacationing.

Kyia feels deeply. She loves deeply, she cares deeply, and she hurts deeply.mommys_little_bambino_oval_decal

I love her more than there are raindrops during spring showers.
I love her more than there are stars in the sky.
I love her more than myself. I would, without a second thought, give my life for her.

Having her in my life has made me the best person I can be. For her.
She is my treasure. She is my inspiration. She is my hope. She is my joy. She is my blessing. She is my dream. She is my heart. She is my headache. She is my soul. She is my love. She is my daughter.

She is my Reason.


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