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Everyone is stupid if you really think about it. 

You see, one may be smart in maths and sciences and know nothing on geography (like me!). A second person might excel in history and bomb out on a grammar and/or spelling test. Person number three could be a genius in all that is mechanical yet a complete dumbass when it comes to trying to add 2+2. Along comes person number 4 who knows everything there is to know that comes from a book and/or schooling, but has no common sense. That is the kicker … Those are the people I personally consider stupid. If you have no common sense, well … there is no hope for you.

Here are “some” things I consider when labeling a person as “stupid” (or out-right “stupid douche-bag” in some cases) – in no particular order.

(note that some of the other things I list MAY fall under other listed items … guess what … I don’t really care.  🙂 )

1. Lack of common sense.

2. Thinking you are “smarter” than everyone/someone else because you know something they don’t … ummm it is highly likely they know lots of things you don’t.

3. Lack of Manners

4. Bad Parenting (and I don’t just mean making mistakes as a parent, because we all do… I mean being an out-right bad parent … like a dead-beat and such)

5. Arrogance

6. Willful Ignorance

7. Criminals (on many levels… but not necessarily all)

8. Quitters (with the exception of quitting bad habits such as smoking)

9. Disrespectful and/or rude people.

10. Drivers who cut people off, don’t use blinkers, excessive speeders, “grandpa” drivers, and distracted drivers (to name a few)

11. The people who gave the above people their license.

12. People who drink and drive

13. Liars

14. People who believe their own lies.

15. Unappreciative people.

16. Cheaters.

17. Lack of sense of humour … Now this is a tough one because everyone has different senses of humour and I appreciate that … I am talking about the people who “scoff” at what you may find funny (unless what you find funny is harming another person/animal or property not yours… I think that falls under criminals)

18. Closed-mindedness

19. Control freaks

20. ACTUAL Bullies

21. People who call everything bullying … that kid gave my kid a dirty look, he is being a bully … F#@$ off.

22. People who “brainwash” their children as opposed to teaching them to think for themselves.

23.  Judgmental people.

24. Racists

24. Politically correct junkies.

25. Emotionally/mentally/physically abusive people.

26. Constantly Negative people.

27. Constantly negative people who refuse to do anything to change… “My life sucks” “so change it” “it will still suck” “shut up then”

28. Band wagon jumpers.

29. Drama Queens

30. People who think that if they found it on the internet it must be true.

31. People who read just headlines and then Troll the comments

32. people who do not do their research … especially if they cry about it later … and double if they do not learn from it.

33. People who do not learn from their mistakes … ever.

34. …To Be continued ….

So if you are calling someone stupid because they don’t know where Timbuktu is, the answer to 6 x 8 off the top of their head or where the camshaft is in their car, then you should probably take note that: You are stupid too!!